Red Lobster has Nothing On These!

Yesterday afternoon Joe and I were sitting thinking about what we should have for dinner – should it be shrimp or the fresh fish I bought earlier in the day – when our friend Keith drove up to show us what his dinner would be.  Yes, I was so envious but am sure the next time he goes “Lobster Hunting” he will invite me.

As Keith pointed out each of these beauties weighed in at 4 pounds and no claws all tail meat. He and Becky were sure to have a real Lobster Feast at their seaside home last evening…Good going Keith, remember me when you decide to make the next trip looking for lobster.

7 thoughts on “Red Lobster has Nothing On These!

  1. “Making the trip looking for lobster” How does that work and how much do they cost doing it Keith’s way?

    We recall the Seinfeld episode where Krammer scored a basket full of lobster (from a commercial trap connected to a rope on the beach – oops!

    • Hi Again John, He told Joe that he found a man down the coast who has a fish tank holding the lobsters for the pueblo he lives in. Keith is not at all shy and I guess he made friends with the guy and drives down to find out what he has in the tank…and from the looks of yesterdays haul he picked a great day to visit…I should be seeing Keith and Becky one day this week and will find out what he paid for those beauties!!! N

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    • Hi Pamela, Your Aunt and Uncle seem to be doing darn well for being new to the country. They look to be able to fit in anywhere they are and the biggest thing is not being shy about getting around, finding out what is sold here and making a wonderful life, especially filled with lobster, ha ha

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