Blog Hits 100,000 Views, Thank You

Well today is a pretty special day for us and the blog. My readers have now viewed the blog 100,000 times as of today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for following our adventure, our little bitty lives in Ecuador. I started the blog July 6, 2010 as a way to archive our stories as well as safekeeping of our photos. When we first arrived in Ecuador to start our new lives was the perfect time to start writing.

That adventure took us to Quito to get our visa applications started, Puerto Lopez just for the fun of it, Salinas, Playas and now to our home in San Clemente.

It has been a wonderful experience none of which we would change.

Thank you again for being a part of our lives. We now consider you our extended family wherever you may be.

23 thoughts on “Blog Hits 100,000 Views, Thank You

    • John and Mary, thanks so much — it has been a fun ride! Now if I could only figure out how to add blogs to my blogroll…I just cannot figure out where the setting is to add blogs, like yours for instance. If you know let me know because I am kind of lost…blessing N

    • Lisa, thanks — I just asked John and Mary if they knew how to add blogs to the blogroll,,,I did it once but just can’t figure out how I did it. If you know please email me the steps okay…kisses N

      • hey amiga
        i am about to leave for town and then bahia. i am almost sure that you go to dashboard and use the widget prompt for adding to the blogroll.

        my friend didier galindo martinez has an opening at the museum tonight, and i will be back late. let me know later tonight if you still need help — two heads or three — are sometimes better than one!

        buena suerte!


        • Hi Lisa, Mary, South of Zero had me go to links and that worked. I just could not remember how I did it but it is updated as of yesterday. Hope the museum opening went well. Nancy

    • Hi Tom. Thanks for helping us hit that number. Never in a million years did I think our little bitty blog would get that many hits. Nancy

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    • Hi John, thanks for your comment and kinds words. Hope it helps just a bit for those looking to make a move. Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy

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