Ant Rant

If you cannot take another rant from me about the bugs this is your opportunity to stop reading because what you are about to read will express our frustration over ants (hormigas – OR mee gahs). These little creatures who have a job to do, what that job is can only be to annoy Joe and I. We have just about seen it all between the lizards, flies and slugs in Playas, the bats in the rental across the street and the dreaded mosquitoes everywhere, so we worked hard before we moved into this house to have it free of everything…We had Fredy and Patricia filling every crack and crevice inside and outside of the house – of course they both thought we were a bit off our heads requesting such a thing here but we insisted. Joe and I came into the house on Sundays when the crews were not working and soaked all the woodwork, door and window frames with insecticide not once but two weekends in a row to be sure everything moved out before we moved in…Well hormigas were everywhere after only a few days in the house. It was like they knew we were coming, they were walking on the walls in the kitchen, YUCK, in the bathroom, around the cistern, on the trees in the garden — everywhere you turned what did you see, ANTS…. Teeny tiny ants thousands of them. Marching Marching Marching! Joe tried to follow their march to find out where they were going or where they were coming from but he could never locate their nest(s). We tried boric-acid, sweet n low, El Secreto de la Abuelita was stuck in every corner of the house, window sills and door frames. Patricia had a weird look on her face when we were discussing something in the master bath and she saw this glob of gunk stuck to a corner of the brand new tile. Finally Joe found a product from Agripac that is strong stuff to take care of those tiny intruders. Clorpilaq 480 EC seems to have done the trick!  WARNING: THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF USE WITH CAUTION.

Joe decided to spray everything, the yard, the trees, the outside walls, everything. The first day he used a gallon jug to mix up the solution and sprayed it on with a small spray bottle. On Wednesday we found a great looking sprayer at the local hardware store and Joe went to town, spraying everything in sight.

Well it made a big difference I woke up this morning to find not one ant anywhere, none in my kitchen, none in my bathroom, gone!!! Now lets see how long that will last before Joe needs to spray again. I detest using chemicals but in some situations it becomes necessary and we felt that we could not live with the number of ants that were running around the walls.

CAUTION: Please read instructions completely this product is very concentrated and can be toxic if not used according to the manufacturers directions!!!

9 thoughts on “Ant Rant

  1. Oh my! This had me rolling on our ant infested floor. It must be the season. Honestly, I was just getting ready to compose a blog post about ants…and you beat me to it. This morning, Ron opened his Kindle and hundreds of tiny ants started filing out of the microscopic holes..especially the charger hole. We’ve been shaking the Kindle all day and hundreds plop out. The easiest way for me to kill them was to scotch tape them to death. The Kindle was sitting on our kitchen counter, so I used a vinegar solution, half water, half vinegar and wiped everything…I mean everything in the kitchen. Supposedly ants don’t like the smell of vinegar and it destroys their smell trail because that’s the only way they can make it back to their nest. Tomorrow, I’m buying moth balls and crushing them up in the corners of our kitchen floor. Let’s face it! We live in a jungle. No matter what we do, there will always be ants invading our sacred places…but the Kindle? Now that’s war. Good luck and may the force be with you always! 🙂

    • Deb, I can feel your pain, we see a few of those little buggers on the computer screens but I have not been bold enough to put either computer on the kitchen counter, well the big issue is the counter is pretty small right now so to add a computer to it would make it impossible to get any cooking done. I will try spraying white vinegar on the walls where they were having a parade and see if that helps to disorient them. These guys are pretty fierce and nothing except this heavy duty insecticide has made a dent in their wanderings around the house. As of today it has been about a week since Joe did the big spraying and “fingers crossed” we are only seeing a few stray ants instead of the hoards of ants that we had walking on the walls. Good luck to you as well and Happy Trails!!!!

    • Hi Janine, like my friend Deb from Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua said in the earlier comment, we live in the jungle…well we actually live on the coast but critters are always going to be an issue here. It will depend upon what time of year what insects we will be battling but as far as I can tell the locals just live with them. So I guess after we have lived here for 20 years grin 🙂 we may not even notice them…I know that mosquitoes will get to be bad once it starts to rain, flies were a big problem in Salinas and even a bigger problem in Playas so we will see what will happen and deal with it as it does. Something new every day living in paradise!!! Thanks for your comment. Nancy

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    • Martynbody…We have used packet after packet of Sweet n Low and it does get rid of certain types of ants but not all ants. We seem to have 4 or 5 different varieties. So using that strong insecticide, even though I hate the stuff, really has worked for ALL ant types and as of today we are ant free….yeah!

  3. You might want to try WHITE VINEGAR. Just spray on them and the areas they are invading. A cloth wet with the vinegar can used to wipe tile, etc.. I have had great success with it.

    • Hi – My friend Deb from Nicaragua said the exact thing about white vinegar. I am going to spray some on the walls now that the ants have stopped and see if I can confuse any stray ones that might wander back in…have a great day, N

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