Now they are just Showing Off

I love Becky and Keith but coming by with a squash the size of a small child is distressing to say the least. I hope they come by tomorrow with a squash pie or squash cookies or better yet squash bread filled with nuts and covered in a sweet icing… hint hint

They decided today to just drive around the countryside and after following a road way out in the boonies they came to a farm. There were a bunch of squash like this but they picked this one and asked the farmer what he would take for this huge veggie, $1…they are going to be eating squash for the next two weeks at every meal.  How about Squash Pancakes, Squash Puppies, Squash Souffle, Squash Soup, I could go on forever! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Now they are just Showing Off

    • Tim, it reminded me of the displays for 4H where the kids picked the biggest veg and put it on display. If it looked like a face with a wart even better. This was huge as you can see from the photo with Becky and Keith. I will be waiting today for my Squash Pie with the whipped cream all ready to plop on top!!!

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