Dinner with the MacDonalds

Finally with the house and yard in some sort of order we are making an effort to have our new-found friends over for dinner. This past Friday evening Mary and John MacDonald, folks we met while visiting San Clemente back in May came over for dinner.  They have the most beautiful garden spot in all of Clemente. Both of them spend hours with every little detail of their patio garden from the placement of the tea roses to the addition of a bird bath for their feathered friends. So when they showed up at our gate bearing gifts of plant cuttings we were most appreciative.

A lovely time with lovely people.

It was great fun enjoying our garden with this special couple. If you want to read about their adventures living in Ecuador go to: http://johnandmarylivingitupinecuador.wordpress.com/ where they give their perspective on life in Ecuador through pictures and stories.

9 thoughts on “Dinner with the MacDonalds

    • Hi Hollycarter184, thanks so much for following both our blogs, how much fun is it to have fellow bloggers living in your own home town and us all being friends??? John and Mary are really great folks, down to earth, easy-going just NICE folks. We did have a nice evening together. N

    • Hi John & Mary, we really had a fun evening, thank you for sharing it with us. I have not planted the seedlings yet but it is on my list for this morning. And of course any seedlings you are willing to share are appreciated. Now to get the raised beds going for my herb, flower and tea garden….always work to be done, don’t you know. Nancy

  1. How great! of course I love this post, love the fresh white paint on the fence in the background, the lovingly-pruned citrus(?) trees, and of course the three sweet faces smiling for the mystery photographer… hmmmm, I wonder who that might be?!!!!! Hurry Joe, your cervesa’s waiting!

    My friends and I are making a sweep through the Andes and are having an amazing time. I’ve enough material for a fortnight of posts! More soon!


    • Lisa, you are just a wandering gal!!! I love that you are enjoying every corner of this beautiful country and can’t wait to see your photos and read your travel tales!!! I guess what I need to do is get a camera that has a timer, a nice tripod and then one of us is not always missing from the photos, ha ha Enjoy your trip, N

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    • Mary & John, thanks again for a wonderful dinner, I will need to get out the cookbooks, do some major internet searching to come up with something that can compare to your beautiful spread. Thanks again for a fun evening. Nancy & Joe

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