Visitors from Montana USA, Belgium and the UK

About two weeks ago I got an email from Harlan Wells saying he had finalized his and his wife’s plans to visit Ecuador and would be arriving in Quito on October 22nd. That they would be traveling up and down the coast and would love to stop in and share a “Big Beer” with us. Now, I ask you, how could I resist visiting with new friends over a Pilsener?  He was coming bearing gifts a container of curry paste not just any curry paste Panang Curry Paste because of one of my old posts where I explained that finding green, red, yellow or Panang curry sauces here was impossible. How sweet to remember such a specific thing about our life here in Ecuador and then to buy the sauce and then carry it in your luggage all the way from Montana for goodness sake. I will be sure to make a very special dish with that sauce, take pictures to share with all our readers but especially Harlan for his thoughtfulness.

While working in my yard on Thursday, I hear someone yell “Nan Levin?” from a car that has just stopped outside our fence. And when I looked up and said yes, I saw four people smiling back like Cheshire cats!  What a great surprise and what lovely people.  Harlan and his wife Kari had made friends with two young surfers Jerry and Matt while traveling and were now traveling together on their way to Puerto Lopez for an overnight. We sat and had a very nice visit with these lovely folks.

I have told all of you who read our blog that I do it for several reasons, most importantly the safeguarding of our photos. With moving, having a computer stolen in Panama and hard drives that have crashed and burned we have lost many of our family pictures. Keeping them on-line in a program like WordPress, with stories of our adventures is a great way to safeguard them and when our memories start to go we can always look back on these old posts and see what a wonderful life we have had here in Ecuador.

But again I digress, while sitting talking with Harlan and friends I found out from Kari that he would be totally upset if I failed to post each day. He would go into work and the first thing he would do is find my current post and get his daily dose of “Finding our Paradise in Ecuador” and then start his day. That was the most amazing  and heartwarming comment that anyone could say about our little blog. As we talked the young men, who are not followers of the blog, asked questions of the area, our life here and how we settled on San Clemente. It was so funny to hear Harlan or his wife able to answer the questions about Joe and my life. And again heartwarming to see that our blog makes a difference to folks coming to visit Ecuador. I was humbled by their attention to the details of our itty bitty life. We do try to present our little piece of heaven in an upbeat fashion and try to be as honest as possible about the good, the bad and the ugly as we see it. I try very hard not to be to overly critical of life here because it is our life and if you start to nit-pick every little detail of your existence you will eventually find things that are not to your liking and they can become overpowering and take on a life of their own…being upbeat and appreciative of your life is a better way of living in my opinion.

Blessings to them on the rest of their adventure, I hope to hear from them with their thoughts on their visit. Maybe Harlan would consider doing a guest blog article on their visit, I for one would be interested in reading a recap of their trip, of course I would want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly!

11 thoughts on “Visitors from Montana USA, Belgium and the UK

  1. I agree with Harlan – there IS something special about your blog. It always makes me happy when I get an alert saying you’ve posted!

    • Mel, thanks so much for such high praise as this. I just love sharing our adventure with you and the others that follow our blog. We were once in a real quandary, not knowing where we wanted to live, if we could afford to even dream of being a block from the ocean, to this day owning our our little beach hut in a beautiful place like San Clemente. We feel so blessed and hope that in some small way our blog gives back just a little of what we are receiving! Be well, Nancy & Joe

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  3. Hello, I enjoy your blog as well. You are a very good writer. My husband and I will be arriving in Quito on Thanksgiving and driving to Cuenca on Saturday for a few days. My association with Cuenca goes back many years to an ASF student who stayed with our family for a year. Since then, I have visited several times, as has other members of my family. Now, my husband and I are seriously looking at the city as a place of retirement. I would love to meet you and Joe, if we could work out a time.
    Lee Ann Schutz Wahi

    • Hi Lee Ann, thanks for reading and commenting. You are very kind in your comments, I have never written anything before starting the blog, but speak from my heart so I guess that is what comes through. Your relationship with Ecuador is fascinating and you probably have a lot to share with us Expats who are only here a short while. Joe and I are not traveling far from San Clemente these days, so most likely we will be around during your visit. Drop us an email when you are ready to make a trip to the coast and we would love to meet over coffee or a “big beer”. My email address is have a safe trip, Nancy & Joe

  4. Dick and I both agree with Harlem. The first thing each morning we take turns on the computer before Dick leaves for his beach walk. What a disappointment when there is no morning update. Even though we don’t correspond very often, we still keep in touch with you through your great site. How I envy you. J

    • Hey you guys it is so great to still have you following the blog. I am thrilled that you are happy with your life in N. Myrtle Beach and thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really am humbled by all the wonderful folks who follow our little adventure, kisses to you both, Nancy

  5. I too read your blog just about every day. You are a wonderful writer and I love hearing about your experience. I have been a bit obsessed with Cuenca due to the cooler weather but will definitely have to check out the coast as well.

    I hope you continue your blog and maybe you should consider making it into a book!


    • Hi Sandy, thanks so much for your kind words. I am sure you will find just the perfect spot when you come to Ecuador. Cool weather seems to attract many, Joe and I just love the beach and it would be so hard for us to give up those walks into town by way of the sand…doesn’t even feel like we are getting some exercise and of course the fresh air off the water really clears out those cobwebs…if you get up near our neck of the woods, please please look us up. Nancy & Joe
      PS A book seems like a lot of work, remember I am retired and not really looking for a job. ha ha

  6. Hi Nancy, I have been reading your Blog and find it interesting. My hubby wants to come to Ecuador for a few months to see what we think of maybe living in Ecuador. He is searching for info on different website about wear to go. I can’t do high altitude over 7,000ft. got sick in Colorado. My questions are more like do the have fabric shops and class in weaving or other hobby stuff I like. I sew children hospital gowns and donate them to the children of the cancer wing at several childrens hospitals. All supported by fabric and monetary donations. I have a few helpers with cutting out the gowns and one other lady helps sew. I would be lost with my sewing machine for to long. He said I can buy that over there for cheep, I not to sure about that!!! I was also concerned about medical issues and docotors down there. my other issue was where to stay when we get there. Scared to get there and be lost in Ecuador. Not sure where to fly into, he said there was 2 airports

    • Susan, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have that I have knowledge of. I guess this would be better done through an email so I will sit tomorrow with your comment and come up with an email to answer as many of your questions as I can. Nancy

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