Our Friends On The Go – Becky and Keith

Back a few weeks ago Joe and I had Becky and Keith over for dinner. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to post this but again life got in my way. It was a fun evening spent under the trees in our yard.

They are renting in San Jacinto right on the water and looking for the perfect area to settle down. When we were out beach hopping last week they showed us a little development where they have purchased a lot right on the ocean.

This is their beach on the one side of Puerto Cayo. The developer has all the underground utilities completed and is working on the clubhouse, security wall , sidewalks and roads throughout the development. The type of house that they are constructing is something that I have never heard of before in my life.This house is made from Styrofoam that is wrapped in rebar then it will get a coating of concrete. Keith I hope I got that correct!!!  Keith has been told that this will both sound proof and insulate the house and can withstand a hurricane. I took this photo of the first house in the development that is under construction.

Two years ago when Joe and I came to Puerto Lopez we visited Puerto Cayo looking to rent a little house on the beach. The area is just beautiful with a sandy beach, great ocean breezes and views. I will be sad to see them move but I am sure we will still get together to visit.

7 thoughts on “Our Friends On The Go – Becky and Keith

    • Hi Tom, I have forwarded your comment on to Keith and he told me tonight that he has already emailed you with the info on the development. Hope you have gotten his email. Nancy

  1. I actually know the owners of this house and I manage the brand marketing for the project developer. The development is called Las Palmas, and includes 38 lots. Las Palmas owners are Gary and April Scarborough, who themselves, were featured on House Hunters International earlier this month. Though I’m currently stateside, Gary is building a home for me about a mile south of Las Palmas. Dana and I will be moving there on Dec. 21. If anyone would like to see the House Hunters International episode featuring the project developers, it was a recent post on my site. The concrete homes are built by an Ecuadorian company called Mobusa. The website for this development is http://www.laspalmasecuador.com

    • Good Morning Steve, thanks for all the information some of my readers are very interested in this project. So happy you will be here in December. Nancy

      • It’s first class, and some of the most affordable beach-side property in Ecuador … and Mobusa and Gary build great homes. As developments like this multiply, we expect property values (and the cost of future projects) to increase significantly.

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