Preparing for the Rainy Season

We have been informed many times since moving here that there is a pretty decent rainy season in this area. According to the locals it will rain and I think it may be close to the monsoon rains we experienced in Dolaga, Panama. It has been said that we will need boots to get around town because the streets will be a muddy mess with the mud reaching mid-calf or higher. That is why instead of putting in kitchen cabinets or shelving in our home we added an extension to our roof at the back of the house and did so much concrete work at our gate, sidewalk and on the driveway, all in preparation for the start of the rains come December.

On Thursday late afternoon a dump truck delivered two loads of a pea-type gravel to the entrance to our street and early, I mean 6am early, several of our neighbors were out with wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes spreading this gravel over the entire street. By 8am half the men on our block and several guys from the neighborhood were knee-deep in gravel shoveling and spreading to cover the entire road. At around 10am I made some fresh lemon/mandarina juice and shortly afterwards started the beer and soda runs and the work continued until 6pm. By mid-day the truck was back with several more loads.

It is just amazing how many men were out working on the street, I would guess around 15 at the highest point.

At midday Paola, one of the wives of the fisherman, made ceviche, not just any old fish ceviche this was lobster and jumbo shrimp. I am proud to say that the lemons to make this treat came from our tree and we were happy to be able to give in some small way to this enormous effort.

By late afternoon the street down to Estrella’s tienda was completed and was a beautiful site.

With so many young children on this block, I worry that the drivers will treat this street like a race course and hope that my neighbors decide to put some type of speed bumps to discourage this unwanted behavior.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for the Rainy Season

    • Hi Steve, Here the rainy season can start in November but my local friends say December. From what I can gather it will rain mostly at night, flood the streets making it impossible to get around. I heard last night over dinner from another Expat that were here last year that the road to Portoviejo even gets flooded and that to be prepared you should have enough food on your shelfs, drinking water and cooking gas because it may be some time before these items get delivered…the weather will be more humid and we will loose power more often..

    • Hi Z, this street is made up entirely of two families, except for Joe and I now, and they have been here forever! Too-too-ta the neighbor behind us knows everyone and I am sure he is the one who went to the municipality and asked for the gravel….you need to find someone in your neighborhood that can make the request for you, then find about 15 guys to spread it, I love this neighborhood what wonderful folks, and yes the ceviche was the best ever….yummy

  1. Nan,
    That is cool community involvement! Never happen here in the states! I can get an idea of the street “before” from the middle picture but do you have another before picture? That was wonderful. Do you know how long it was since the last time they put gravel down?

    • Hi Tim. when we came to look at the house back in May the street was covered with huge rocks so it looks like the municipality had done this during the last few months. But over the months since they had been packed down this must be the second part of the plan, mud, huge rocks, pea gravel and it becomes a road. I will see if I can find a good photo of the street before, as I do have a great deal of pictures…but when will I be able to update that is the question. Internet has been awful, can’t even think about using it during the day either late at night like midnight or 5am like this morning. N

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