Dinner at Pablos

You are never sure where you are going to find talent. When we first moved to San Clemente, Patricia introduced us to a young man in our neighborhood because he spoke English and lives right around the corner from our home. Pablo, we find out, is a very talented young man, with a very outgoing personality and handsome good looks. First, English and Spanish are not his only languages and who knew he was a chef as well? On Friday he volunteered to work on our road alongside the rest of the neighbors putting in a very long day. He and his sister Alexandria who is visiting from England asked if we would be interested in a steak dinner on Saturday…both Joe and I jumped at the chance to eat out and steak cooked by a real chef sounded just right to us…our first questions was how much money do you need and our second question was what time do you want us at your place!

There were around 20 Expats that gathered for a lovely dinner of Lomo Fino, baby potatoes, rice, eggplant and tomatoes served with two excellent sauces -one a chimichurri and the second was made with fresh tomatoes – both were excellent choices.

Above Alexandria is yucking it up for the camera while helping set the tables.

You can get a fish dinner in every restaurant in town and most of what we have eaten has been excellent as this is what they cook day in and day out but a nice steak dinner with the fixings is a great treat. We started out with two tables pushed together and ended up with three. It was a great gathering, good conversation with nice folks, perfect weather and wonderful food. You could not ask for anything more!

Pablo can cook for us anytime. If we were to suggest some menus for his next attempt it would be juicy burgers with several choices of toppings like blue cheese, bacon, the works. Or maybe an Italian feast or ribs or pork chops –  well you see where I am going with this don’t you.

Let us know when the next get together is scheduled and we will be the first to sign up.

This was Pablo’s assistant who did a very nice job in keeping this rowdy group calm until the food was served.

Thanks again Pablo, we thoroughly enjoyed everything about this evening.

6 thoughts on “Dinner at Pablos

  1. looks like a great gathering, the type of things we like, so we’ll let you know if we are ever in your part of the world! 😉

    • Thanks for commenting, it was a fun evening. Whenever you decide to make the trip, and a long trip it would be, we will need to have a long visit about your decision to live in Croatia and all the differences between living here in Ecuador…I am sure that would be a great conversation. Nancy

      • FOUND IT! and it’s Ecuador and not Equador… silly me!!

        it borders Colombia to the North (not that I really want to go there..) and Peru in the East and South (now yes, Peru IS on my bucket list)… so now I know where you are, we can start planning…

    • Hey Joe so when did you change your last name, ha ha Getting old and can’t see those letters…same here. I will let him know the next time I see him that when you visit we have need to have an Italian feast!! N

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