Thanksgiving Dinner – San Jacinto 2012

What a wonderful gathering! About 50 Expats came together in downtown San Jacinto, under the stars for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, cole slaw, rolls and cranberry sauce were overflowing from the plates, the food was excellent, tender juicy turkey was the star of this dinner. But I must admit seeing that big beautiful plate of cranberry sauce just about drove me crazy. Cranberry sauce is one thing that is very difficult if not impossible to find and one of our own had someone bring her a full case when they visited from the US.

After filling up on the main course a pecan pie was brought out along with plates of cookies and cakes. It was an excellent meal organized by our very own Patricia McKinsey, thanks Pat for all your work to organize this event and a special thank you to your group of locals that made it possible for us to celebrate together this evening.

Many of the faces are unfamiliar to me and I must admit being very lazy and not going around and introducing myself. I must do that the next event that we attend, these are my neighbors and I was amazed to see how many Expats are living in this area.

What a fun evening!  So who is throwing the Christmas party?

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner – San Jacinto 2012

  1. There were some local, national ladies seated at the table. They seemed to be ignored. I trust that wasn’t the case. Language differences, blah, blah, blah. Looked like a great time.

    • Good morning David, I assume that Patricia invited some of the locals to attend and enjoy a typical Norte Americano meal, they seemed to have a nice time and I did not get the sense that they were ignored. Sorry that my photos made you think that they were…actually the one lady looked scared to death of us!!! As a group we can be pretty overwhelming I guess. Thanks for your comment, have a great day! Nancy

  2. Wow that is a lot of ex-pats, looks like a great bunch of folks having a great time, only thing missing was a picture of you and Joe. Oh well Christmas party is right around the corner so make sure you include a picture of both of you.
    Love and Miss You.

    • Hi Ana, well it is tough taking the pictures and being in them…I will remember to hand my camera to someone else and have them take some shots for the blog…I really need to have an open house here…let someone else do all the cooking and preparing and just sit around and enjoy a few hours with my new neighbors and friends. xxx N

    • Hi again Z, yes we did have a very nice time, good food, good conversation and now good friends. Life could not get any sweeter!

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