Los Delfines Del Norte de San Clemente – Cooperativa De Produccion Pesquera Artesanal

San Clemente 12.5.2012 010

When we walk to our beach we have seen this very small building with a nice sized porch area under construction. We were not sure if it was going to be a house or was it part of one of the other properties located right on the beach. A few weeks ago this sign went up on the building.

San Clemente 12.5.2012 009

Still not sure what it will be used for but it seems to be owned by the fisherman who work on what we consider our beach.

Walking home from town yesterday we saw all these poles and all the fishing boats were gone. These poles are used to roll the boats down to the water and then back. This artisan fishermen have done this for ages, no fancy trailers, just palm or balsa wood poles. The younger boys do the moving of the poles from back to front while the older guys push the boats along with two rollers one in front and one in the middle under the boat. 

San Clemente 12.10.2012 006

Looks like the wheels on Fred Flintstones car. Very simple technique but it works!


2 thoughts on “Los Delfines Del Norte de San Clemente – Cooperativa De Produccion Pesquera Artesanal

    • Hi Deb, No, they belong to a coopertive, all the fish, shrimp, lobster all seafood to be exact goes into one communal outlet. I cannot buy anything from any of our neighbors and almost all are fishermen. If I want shrimp I need to go into town to Penocho as he is the one who sells to everyone. My neighbors have many times given me lobster, shrimp, pangora (stone crab) but they cannot sell to me. This way if one fisherman has a bad day he still gets his share of the profits for that day, week, month.

      I will ask my neighbor Paola what the building is going to be used for and update my article. Thanks for reading and commenting, N

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