Joe’s Exercise Program for Retired Expats Everywhere

We have become very fond of Pilsener, the local beer of Ecuador. This is not an extremely potent beer it is 4.2% alcohol but it is very refreshing on these hot days especially if stored in the freezer for 3o minutes before you pop the top. And of course it should be served in mugs that have been stored on the door of said freezer for several days to get the temperature of the glass and beer just perfect. And even better you should be seated under the trees on your property to truly enjoy this beer moment!

San Clemente 12.11.2012 002

Todays topic is purchasing Pilsener by the case in San Clemente. First hail the huge delivery truck, give him your empty case and hand him $9 for 12 – 22 oz bottles. He will, in turn, give you .05 cents back and grin like a fool. The next time you hear the truck approaching and your case is empty hail it again, tell the guy who was grinning like a fool the last time that you want two cases. He will take your empty case, leave you two full and charge you $24 for the filled bottles (this includes the deposit for the second 12 bottles and container). Next time we need beer I will give him two empty cases and he will charge me $17.90 that is a real deal for us and of course we do not need to haul this back from the store. About seventy-five cents for 22 ounces of pure pleasure……….

Joe has decided that this is part of his exercise program.  Moving the cases from the front porch into the kitchen and then packing the refrigerator.  I agree this is a very good Expat Exercise Regime!

San Clemente 12.11.2012 001

8 thoughts on “Joe’s Exercise Program for Retired Expats Everywhere

    • Tom, You are absolutely correct, I must update the post to reflect the correct procedure for this exercise program, ha ha Nancy

  1. Nancy, we enjoy reading ur notes, we r from Loxahatchee West Palm Beach Fl plan to retired in Playas,love this town our home is in vistamar km 4 via data.

    • Hi CC, Joe and I used to work for Palm Beach Federal S & L back in the 80’s. We moved from Playas to find a house we could afford near to town. I looked at a number of properties on Via Data but we did not want to purchase a car, just one more thing to worry about in our retirement…so today we live about 8 blocks from our little town of San Clemente and I am getting a Pink Bike from Santa this year, well he already deliver it and I will start riding it around town today, well as soon as I learn how to use the shift thingy!!! ha ha Enjoy your move to Playas, I still have friends there and would be happy to give you an introduction to them if you want to have some friends as soon as you arrive…be well, Nancy

  2. I never liked beer in the US, but here in Panama it’s wonderful. I’ll have to try the frozen mug part too. More exercise, ya know, putting mugs in the freezer 😉 I recently bought a bicycle too. What fun!

    • Kristc99, thanks for your comment and for reading about our little adventure of a life. Joe and I enjoyed our time in Panama, I was not a beer drinker then so I never had the pleasure of a cold Panama but I am making up for it with Ecuador’s especially on those hot days while working in the garden. This morning will be my maiden voyage on the new bike, say a prayer it has been almost 18 years since I did any serious biking, hope I remember how it’s done. be well, Nancy

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