Ho Ho Ho – Santa Comes Early to San Clemente


God will one day hold us each accountable for all the things He created for us to enjoy, but we refused to do so.

-Rabbanic Saying

I have thought about getting a bike for myself for a very long time. I love that free feeling of being able to just get on the bike and ride. I know it makes it sound like it is a Harley or something, no, just an ordinary bicycle! Also, it will make it much faster to get around town. So earlier this week we went into Charapoto and found a place that sells bikes but they had no women’s bikes just a few mens and these itty-bitty things with little tiny wheels – I just don’t see myself riding this down the street.  So yesterday we went into Portoviejo and got a taxi to take us to this bike shop.

San Clemente 12.14.2012 025

The business Comercial “Ajoy” located in the central shopping district in Portoviejo. Their staff was so wonderful, helping when I had to do charades when trying to explain that I wanted a horn, or the little package holder for the back of the bike. I knew the name for basket “canasta” but how to explain about a pump which I found out is a bomba. It worked out well the bike was $65 with the balance of the parts including a more cushy seat totaled $26.50 more for a total $91.50. Then a quick walk across the street and a young man took the bike apart, well that is what it looked like. He greased everything, tightened the spokes on the wheels until they were balanced, I guess, as I have never seen anyone do that to a bike wheel before, greased some more and then put the entire bike back together including all my gadgets and do-dads. It took him almost two hours to complete this task, I do feel that the $10 fee was a bit excessive but it was too late after he was finished to argue about the price, this should have been negotiated before he started the work.

Last evening our friend John McDonald came by to help me with setting the speed. I do not understand that and will not be running up and down hills so I really need to have it set on one setting, just for cruising up and down the streets here in Clemente which is quite flat if you stay away from our one mountainous ridge on the far east side of town in the barrio Norte.

San Clemente 12.14.2012 030

Santa (Joe) was really good to me this year. While we were out Joe got his 1 Terrabyte external hard drive and an automatic bug zapper for mosquitoes – this is part of Joe’s presents from Santa…all in all it was a very good trip into Portoviejo. Our taxi driver there has a family house in San Jacinto and so we went ahead and had him bring us back with our treasures.  We feel so blessed…each day that we have been given we appreciate more because we are together. God is GOOD!!! Looking forward to many more days in our little Beach Hut, enjoying and cherishing the blessings.

16 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho – Santa Comes Early to San Clemente

    • John, I just know I will never beat you in a race, so I will ride alongside of Mary and just enjoy the ride..of course trying to miss the pot holes and the speed bumps and the dogs, people, moto taxi, trucks, cars…well you know all about it. xxx thanks for all your help, N

  1. I love the color of your new bike and what a great way to start the holiday season with a new bicycle that will get lots of use.

    • Thanks Eileen, I am not a pink person but this just looked so cute…this morning I am taking it out for a test run. Will let you know how I did. Be well, N

  2. Love the pink !! You got a good price for all and I think that includes the $10 for the new overhaul… I’ve heard of higher prices here in Ecuador and back in the states you’d be looking at a min of $50…look forward to riding with you. ( and yes we’ll let John race on ahead..:) Mary

    • Hey Mary, Yes racing will not be done by me that is for sure…ha ha. Like I said to Eileen below, Pink is really not my color but this just hit my eye…Nancy

  3. When I come to San Clemente this winter you’ll be easy to spot, la senora de la bicicleta rosado! Hope to be there early Feb, late March. Happy riding and Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for continuing your story of living in Ecuador. I want you to know that even though I am in New York,I follow your blog all the time and do appreciate your information and cmments on life there. Please accept my wishes to you and Joe, and the american commnunity in San Clemente for a wonderful Christmas season and a prosperous, healthy and peaceful new year. P.S. Maybe a scooter for Joe the next time around! Leon

    Leon M. Guendoo, PhD.MCSE Email: pctutor4u@hotmail.com

    Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 11:33:41 +0000 To: pctutor4u@hotmail.com

    • Hi Lee MG, Thanks so much for following our little adventure here in Ecuador. And a special thank you for your well wishes and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a peace filled New Year.

      Joe and I have been thinking about a little quad to get around town on, but I fear if we get it now we will stop making our walks on the beach as part of our exercise program, well besides the exercise Joe gets with the cases of Pilsener ha ha

      be well, Nancy

    • Kristc99, Well I took it out this morning at 7am, my thighs are on fire now! I will need to get out the “Old Lady Ointment” because they are really burning. I figured out that I have not been on a bike in almost 18 years the last time I had one and used it almost daily was back when we lived in Inverness, FL and Jennifer was in middle school… It was fun, not bad going into town, not as many pot holes or problems going over the speedbunps as I thought I would have. The more cushy seat did the trick. I will be doing this every morning from now on…love it Nancy

      • Good for you! I’m sure the muscles will get used to it and not complain so much. It had probably been over 40 years for me, and I was surprised that it only took me about a week to get pretty comfortable on the bike. inverness FL? We just moved from Sarasota FL. Small world 🙂

    • Hi Ana, thanks, love the new bike, it works great. Had a great time out this morning just have to get my old legs used to pumping again..ha ha I don’t even notice the tan, but we love to sit on the beach of course we do use 50 block….sun is hot here kisses, N

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