Full Moon

Well according to my email notification on the full moon it should not happen until the 28th but look what we saw last night. 


Click on the above link to view a short YouTube video. 

San Clemente 12.26.2012 022

San Clemente 12.26.2012 027

6 thoughts on “Full Moon

    • It was just so beautiful outside yesterday afternoon, so we were still outside when the moon caught our attention. It was just so beautiful, Nancy

  1. Beautiful! Love the video too, and the children’s voices and neighborhood noises in the background. I didn’t know you also made videos. I need to go check out your others

    • Hi Kris, yes I have on occasion taken and posted a few videos, they have taken me a very long time to upload so I prefer photos. It was a beautiful evening and our one neighbor girl was having her 10th birthday and had folks over her house, I happen to be videoing while they were celebrating. Nancy

  2. when i was growing up,i would often ride horses beneath the full moon. between the moon and the white sandy soil and the mature cotton, it was like riding through a dreamscape.

    i was outside a few times last night and did not note the moon. mot likely we had that shroud of clouds overhead. i’ll watch for it tonight!

    what’s going on with the proposed road? do most of the people know what might happen? i hope you’re able to keep that area serene and untouched from traffic.

    they would be shooting themselves in the foot/feet!


    • Hi Z, Your life sounded like a fairytale, lovely. We have not heard anything, I hope to attend the get together at Meier’s this tomorrow to see what he knows. I will let you know. N

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