New Year’s Eve, San Clemente Style

It was a beautiful evening to take a walk downtown and see how San Clemente celebrates for New Year’s Eve.

It was a great time, we arrived downtown even before the sun set, Joe laughs at me all the time, we are not night people, we are not party people so when it gets to be 8:30pm Joe calls it Nancy Midnight.  But last night it was different, we sat at one of the outside areas, Fredy came over, El Gato visited for a few minutes and a few more of the local folks that we have come to know here. Then some of the expats arrived and the crowd started to get into the celebrating mood.

San Clemente 12.31.2012 003 San Clemente 12.31.2012 004 San Clemente 12.31.2012 008 San Clemente 12.31.2012 010 San Clemente 12.31.2012 011 San Clemente 12.31.2012 012 San Clemente 12.31.2012 014 San Clemente 12.31.2012 015 San Clemente 12.31.2012 017 San Clemente 12.31.2012 018 San Clemente 12.31.2012 021 San Clemente 12.31.2012 023 San Clemente 12.31.2012 024 San Clemente 12.31.2012 025 All of the effigies have a personal meaning for those that built them, they are filled with the bad things that happened in 2012 and were burned in a huge bonfire at midnight.

San Clemente 12.31.2012 027

Mary and I were trying to learn the basic moves for the San Clemente Shuffle or Samba or Salsa from Fredy, who knows at this point we were just having a great time. I did get to dance with a few of my neighbors, Jorge (Tu tu ta) who lives behind us and Nellie whose home is across the street from ours.

San Clemente 12.31.2012 030 San Clemente 12.31.2012 031 San Clemente 12.31.2012 033

Patricia served us all tasty homemade eggnog. Below is a link to a short video of the crowd. It was great fun and we were back home way before the fireworks.

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve, San Clemente Style

    • Steven, I should not say anything because you know as soon as I do the power will go out….but it went out for a very short time the other night but it has been really good. When I got up at 5:30 yesterday morning the music was still going at two different locations near us and most of my neighbors were just getting home. It was very quiet here until around 2pm. Town was busy, the roads were busy and the dust is just settleing over everything in my house…ha ha

  1. Nancy:
    That looks like a great deal of fun. Jac (short for Jacqueline) and I are going to move to Ecuador this August and visiting in March. We hope to stop in Sam Clemente to see this cute little town. I have been in contact with John and Mary. Through their blog. The information in your posts have been very helpful. We wish all the blessings of the new year. Happy New Year.
    Doug and Jac Nielson.

    • Doug and Jac, I would love to visit with you both when you come to Clemente, just let us know when you get here. John and Mary are great folks, I am happy that you found their blog. It is good to read all you can about an area from many different sources, it will give you a more well rounded view of the area. If you do Facebook there are several groups there that are a wealth of information, including a gardening group once you are living here and have any gardening questions. If you have any questions let me know, I would be happy to help. When we were looking to move from the US, there was very little info on the areas that we had an interest in. Very difficult to research and NO blogs, so in our small way we are trying help out. Happy New Year to you both, Nancy

  2. what fun! thank you for recording the end of the year! mine was quite different, though i don’t know when i will have time to work on photos and share the stories!
    the fence duties call,

    • Z, thanks we did have a nice time, except the next day I had a headache all day long, just a few too many of those big beers!!! ha ha

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