Three Kings Day – ‘El Día De Los Reyes’

Last night the Three Kings that visited the Christ child twelve days after Christmas came to San Clemente to give gifts to our children. What fun it was to find so much activity in the central downtown area. First Joe and I had to go for a great chicken dinner at our favorite spot with a cold Pilsener to cool us after our walk from Barrio Norte. Our friends Becky and Keith joined us for this delectable brined quarter of a chicken served with rice, cabbage salad, patacones and a smile. Joe and I had the consomme before which was much more than just consomme. It was a bowl filled with a hearty broth, carrots, peas and rice with bits of meat mixed in.

Then we joined several more expats and our neighbors and amigos in the center of town. We had a totally different hot drink made from some form of alcohol probably a sugar cane liquor, fresh fruits including pineapple, grapes and naranjilla blended together in a huge pot and boiled. This is strained into a beer bottle placed in a brown paper bag and served hot with a tiny plastic shot glass. It was powerful stuff and I hope none of our friends woke up this morning with a pounding headache…

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San Clemente 1.12.2012 014

The arrival of the Three Kings was anticipated by everyone in the crowd. Our friend John MacDonald dressed, to the nines in a flowing white robe and crown was the giver of the candy gifts. Please enjoy the video posted below.

13 thoughts on “Three Kings Day – ‘El Día De Los Reyes’

    • Z, I know John is wonderful. Now the drink on the other hand was a bit odd, Joe had at least one full bottle of the stuff and he felt no ill effects the next day. Thanks for keeping up with the journey, Nancy

      • hey
        some lady – a really nice well-bred lady – handed me a strange drink last week, though the drink was an ultra sweet one. i had not had lunch, so my blood sugar protested and said, ‘don’t take one more sip!’ and thankfully she understood. but she gave me a plastic water bottle full for my future pleasure. i gaped at that bottle yesterday and thought, ‘when will i ever drink that?’

        as we know, it’s the aroma and nostalgia that makes food and drink special. those drinks to them are part of a tradition, and maybe years down the road, we’ll have that same feeling of nostalgia for those drinks! hmmmm.

        • Z, I call the moments when food reminds me of something in my past as a “food memory”. They are very powerful and bring back vivid memories of the most wonderful time in my past, and you want to relive that period all over again. Not sure if the drink they served here would give me that good feeling, it was okay but would not be my drink of choice. N

    • Hi Will, I would hope our little journey would inspire you to make the plans for your own retirement to whatever pardise is waiting out there for you! Be blessed we truly feel that we are! Thanking God each day for all these gifts!!! Nancy

  1. Looks like a great time. Can’t wait to meet you all. John was stunning in his outfit. Great smile on his face. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Doug, It was a very nice evening. John is fablous and loves the people here so much, it just shows on his face as he truly glows!!! Nancy

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