12 thoughts on “Just a few Photos to Start your Week

  1. What a lovely way to start the week out! You really know how to make me miss all of you. Hope you have a nice week and enjoy your paradise!

    • Thanks Karen, Have a sore throat today, think I am getting Joe’s cold. Even missed a shopping opportunity to Portoviejo so you know I am not feeling well…Nancy

  2. Beautiful pictures. We miss those views. Spent last winter in Crucita @ LaBoca area. Dec2011 – March2012. Fell in love with San Clemente and so happy we found your blog. Would love to email correspond with you guys. Planning on moving to San Clemente this coming Sept – Nov timeframe.

    • Greetings from San Clemente Ken and Kathy, My email address is hammock11@hotmail.com would love to hear from you. I am sure you are excited about your move. Where do you hail from? Email me so we can get acquainted. Blessings, Nancy

    • Sue, I remember those days the snow, the sleet, the black ice, the shoveling…I just hated every single second of winter, nothing made me happy because I am not into the winter sports like skiing. Well put a few more logs on the fire, pour yourself a nice glass of red and sit back and watch the flakes fall…That is the only way to handle winter in my opinion. Thanks for your comments, we will be thinking of you.

      It has been pretty hot here the past several weeks, we do have a great breeze right now off the ocean and the humidity is lower today…but both Joe and I are fighting sore throats and colds…I even passed up a shopping opportunity to Portoviejo today so I must not be feeling well…Nancy

  3. Beautiful Pictures Nancy–I am here in Manta and will be calling you later to visit with both of you–With all the best wishes for the guys in paradise–Yusuf

    • Hi Yusuf, So happy you are finally in Manta. I hope that Joe and I are over our colds before your visit. Both of us are suffering with sore throats and colds..our neighbors tell us no cerveza, no ice, nothing cold to drink..but it is so hot here…and we have not listened and I really feel awful today. I even passed up a shopping trip today with friends…that means I am sick!!! feeling ugly!!! Nancy

  4. So sorry to hear you both are sick- Hope you will both get over it soon- I will be here till middle of march–So long–Regs–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, Joe is still coughing and my sore throat is 100% better after gargling with sea salt. Let us know when you are going to make a trip to Clemente. N

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