Yusuf’s visit to San Clemente

A long time reader and commenter on our blog, Yusuf, made his first trip to San Clemente today. What fun it was to meet him and his friends Shelly and Gary who have a home here in San Clemente. Shelly and Gary do not call Clemente their full-time home they visit several times a year and happen to be in town.

San Clemente 1.26.2013 003

We had a lovely conversation but Gary and Shelly needed to leave. Yusuf, Joe and I walked down to Viviana’s for a quick lunch and he almost missed his ride back to Manta. So sorry it was our fault that he was late.

San Clemente 1.26.2013 011

Yusuf came bearing gifts. A container of curry spice, a baggie of mung beans and his personal recipe to make them as well as two beautiful pictures painted on leaves from India. You know how many times I talk on the blog about not being able to get certain spices and herbs, the curry and mung beans will be savored and I see a blog article on recipes from them coming very soon. I will forever treasure these beautiful picture gifts, what an exceptional gift, we cannot thank you enough Yusuf for your thoughtfulness.

San Clemente 1.26.2013 008 San Clemente 1.26.2013 010 Meeting new folks is just a wonderful thing to do with our free time. We have met some amazing people in our time out of the US. And count them as friends today!

9 thoughts on “Yusuf’s visit to San Clemente

  1. Thank you Nancy & Joe for being wonderful hosts to me today and it was so nice to see and feel the paradise.I can not thank you enough for the delicious lunch in your favorite Viviana Restaurante.It was finger licking good.All this time i did not really get the feel of how Joe was and what a surprise after you get to talk to him.Nancy you have married one of the nicest person and both of you make a wonderful couple.You have a nice cozy home with beautiful patio and the garden with mature fruit trees.Wishing you the best always–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, the one thing we did not finish was the placement of the fig tree…you will need to give me your thoughts on where I need to put that tree. Thanks again for visiting, it was wonderful to finally meet you in person. I knew we would get along great. Have a wonderful visit in Manta and come back to Clemente very soon, Nancy and Joe

    • Karen, it is always fun meeting folks that read the blog. Yusuf knows so much about our life here because he has lived it with us through the blog. It is humbling to have someone take your thoughts so seriously when all I write about is our itty-bitty life here. Thanks for your comments, say Hi to Michael for us, Nancy & Joe

  2. Hi Nancy, I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I live in Cuenca now but the noise and polution is really getting to me. I’m looking forward to exploring the coast soon

    • Hi Kurt, Happy you are reading about our little life here in Clemente. We have friends that moved to Cuenca, built a home and really had a difficult time with the traffic and noise, they ended up moving to Salinas about three years ago…Hope your exploring of the coast finds the perfect spot for you. Nancy

  3. Nancy, How wonderful to have connected with you via Gary Scott’s reference to flu shots. I am moving to Ecuador in March with my 14 yr old son. We have rented a condo in Crucita for the first 3 months while we look around. I read all your blog, and it is very informative. I would love to hear your thoughts on Crucita.

    • Hi Linda, I am sure you are excited about your move to EC. As far as Crucita is concerned Joe and I have never been there. I am sure that you and your son will find out first hand if you have rented for 3 months…Have you followed South of Zero’s blog, she has a great number of blogs on her blogroll, someone must be blogging out there from Crucita…take a look and see what you come up with. I do have one questions for you, how did you find our blog through Gary Scott’s reference to the flu shot??? Just wondering!

      Let me know about your move and perspective on Crucita…blessings, Nancy

      • Nancy, Thanks for getting back so quickly.  Are you familiar with Gary Scott?  He has a website and newsletter called Ecuador Living that has some good stuff.  He was commenting on flu shots in general and then referenced your blog.  Thanks for the tip on South of Zero – I’ll check that out. Best



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