Paradise is a Package Deal!

This is a very rare thing to have the dogs bring anything to our gate, but last Sunday morning I found this right outside my doorstep.

San Clemente 12.18.2012 023

Yes, it is a rat and yes it is disgusting. Several folks walked by it and did nothing. So finally I got Joe to get rid of it. You never know what kind of present a doggie will bring to your gate and this will never be one of my favorites. This is the first time I have seen any mice or rats in San Clemente but we are a fishing village with much for all different types of critters to eat. So I am sure they are here.  My hero Joe, he did a great job in taking care of this for me.

Not everything in paradise (my word) is perfect. Making a place enough, comfortable, peaceful, home is not difficult. Mostly it is a state of mind, not of place. My idea of paradise is not necessarily going to be yours. We all have expectations, preferences and comfort levels that need to be fulfilled to make a place paradise.  We have been open to all the unique differences between how we were raised and how we wanted to live out our lives. We have made up our minds that the important things to us are not what money can buy, but the intangibles that make a place unique, home! Some days you will find a rat at your gate another day it will be a vendor selling you lobster for $5 a pound…it is a package deal!

20 thoughts on “Paradise is a Package Deal!

    • Z, I must tell you that I stopped feeding my scraps to the dogs at the gate, besides bringing me such wonderful (ja ja) gifts they are starting to rub against the side of the house. This caught me off guard when I found long dirt marks running the length of the street side of the house. I could not figure out where these marks, only about 1 1/2 feet up from the walkway were coming from…yes my cute friends were saying hello…so now my scraps go over the side with the empty lot. They find it but stay away from the street side of the house. Always learning and adjusting to our new life. Be well my dear friend, Nancy

  1. Thanks Nancy for your philosophical thoughts on the paradise or finding yourself how to be happy- With best wishes always–Yusuf

    • Hi Joe, Well if you can find lobster for $2 each “good on you”! Here we pay $5 per pound, they are alive ready to hop into (well out of) the pot. Ha Ha Nancy

  2. Thank you for sharing your sweet insight about making a new home. Our move to Panama is fast approaching and I find myself pondering just what it will be like. Will we be happy? Will we fit in? How much will we miss all the things we are familiar with? How long will it take for us to feel like we are at home? And then I read a post like yours and I smile! Im so excited to start my new life! Thanks for sharing your kind , optimistic viewpoint of starting a fresh new life abroad! Cheers!

    • Hi Holly, thanks for cheering me on…it takes a great deal of hope, open mindedness and patience when dealing with any new situation…Moving to a completely foreign place is a daunting undertaking. My only suggestion is to be open to the differences, embrace it and learn from all that is new around you. Life will be easier and the transition will be less stressful.Where in Panama are you relocating? Nancy

  3. Nan, it’s really very difficult to get a handle on exactly what the reality is in Ecuador, but you and Joe are a big help. It’s become clear that the big expat magazine constantly overstates the positives and underestimates the negatives of expat life. Also, I think the majority of expats, at least in Cuenca, must have had six figure incomes or higher in the USA and feel anything less than that lifestyle would be a terrible hardship. I got that impression last year after reading about restaurants on one of the popular blogs. One of the fellows was saying how lousy a certain restaurant was, because they didn’t have linen napkins! Well, I think we’ll survive just fine in Ecuador. We’re OK with paper napkins and we’ve had to set out a rat trap or two in our time at our house. Best regards, John

    • Hi John, Joe and I have never traveled to Cuenca, the altitude is against us so coast living works better. We prefer a more casual lifestyle as well, paper napkins work perfectly for us. I know several couples that live in Cuenca and they are very happy there and all are down to earth folks. We live pretty modestly but feel rich in so many ways and know that we are blessed with this wonderful life. Let us know you plans for moving to EC and maybe one day we will meet! Nancy & Joe

  4. You have to take the good with the bad. Or is it the bad with the good? This is everywhere! Miss you guys… take care!

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your comments. Yes, taking the good with the bad is the only way to get along anywhere you may live. I miss you as well, any plans for a return visit or MOVE? Nancy

  5. As always find your posts help center my thinking. Really like quito
    And the views at all turns are so interesting. Have plans for our next month in quito

    • Eileen, I know how you feel, Quito is a fablous city, so much to see, so much to do, great old buildings, wonderful places to eat, shop or just walk in Parke Carolina…just loved the city…have a wonderful time, enjoy everything about it and then tell me your thoughts. Blessing on a wonderful month, Nancy

  6. I suppose if you are a dog, the ability to find the occasional rat (and a human to gift it to) is paradise. For us, not so much so thank goodness for husbands. You are so right though when you say paradise is a state of mind!

    • Kris, Having a good attitude towards everything happening in your world helps to make life easier, no matter where you are living…blessings for a wonderful week, N

    • Hi Joyce, I have sent you an email, let me know what your questions are and we will try to answer as best we can, Nancy PS Have a great weekend

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