Almond Tree, Very Pretty…..

A quote for today! 

The greatest thing each of us offers the world
is ourselves, not a whirlwind of activity.
People all around us are starving for love.
People need our company,
our presence and our comfort.
~ Susan K. Rowland (Make Room for God)


Almond Tree, Very Pretty….

San Clemente 2.5.2013 001

With the start of the rain many new experiences have confronted us here in San Clemente. Besides the bugs those darn beetles that leave a yucky mess when they die or you step on them whichever comes first, the little gnats that love the outside walls of our porch and drop to the floor and cover it each morning, we have one more issue to contend with. The bomb-like bang of the almonds dropping from the tree behind our house. The rain must make them loosen up and in the middle of the night you will hear a loud bang as they hit the roof.

The fruit is really not that big on this tree but when it falls and hits the roof it does sound like someone has just jumped on the roof instead of this little nut falling on it.

San Clemente 2.5.2013 012

This morning I went out to take the above photo and Pilly (Pee Gee) our neighbor was working on his truck. I explained about the bomb noise in the night and he said he would take care of it for me. Within minutes I heard him out there with a machete making quick work of this sleep stealer!

10 thoughts on “Almond Tree, Very Pretty…..

    • John and Mary, Don’t tell me a month…way too soon for me. The nuts are all over the little walkway behind our house, they are rotting and attracting lots of bugs and I just swept back there a few days ago…I swept again and had Joe mix up a pesticide solution and I just completely covered the area..that should help for a few days at least…Nancy

  1. Wow, I haven’t seen almond trees before, or nuts. Very cool, well except when they are falling on your roof and rotting on your walkway. It looks like you have a tin roof. We do too, and sometimes the leaves blowing across the roof sound like something major. The other day a bird (like a crow) was on the roof and it sounded like something crazy was going on up there. I can imagine the almonds can make a very good racket!

    • Hey Kris, The roof looks like tin but being so close to the ocean it is some sort of composite or where near as noisy as the tin roof we had in Panama but…after living with a shingle roof, with plywood underneath with an attic between you and anything that would hit it this is noisy…

    • Lionel, like everything else you do what you have to and picking almonds off the sidewalk is not a really a bad job. Just something else to think about and at our age keeping our minds busy is a good thing, ja ja

  2. Don’t you eat the nuts? We love almonds and really miss them in Colombia – they’re available but cost an arm and a leg so we even brought a 5lb bag back after Christmas

    • Hi Linda, Yes, I have picked them up and opened them but these are still green and the ones that I have eater the shell has turned brown on the tree..the nuts are skinny and a bit smaller than what you can get in the stores…The tree is lovely, most look like a small umbrella. It looks like someone has pruned it to grow thick and short…it would be lovely to keep your yard does have huge leaves more like a magnolia or mango and they don’t seem to break down very fast. The tree is beautiful. Almonds when I bought them right before Christmas were $2.99 for 200g at the bigger supermarkets. Thanks for your comments, Nancy

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