Boiled Salted Peanuts

I remember our first time getting hot spicy boiled peanuts from a road side stand in Georgia. It’s really a southern thing.  What a treat this is not something that we found any other place we ever lived until we came to Ecuador. In Playas we could get raw peanuts for a very short period and this morning my young vegetable vendor had these hot and very salty boiled treats. Joe and I dug right in enjoying each little purple nut.

San Clemente 2.6.2013 005

We better get our fill because the season is very short.

We just had an earthquake…it hit twice in a few seconds!

14 thoughts on “Boiled Salted Peanuts

  1. I’m sitting in playas at this time, and I just felt tremors a few minutes ago two! First time in my life!

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  2. Nancy, I always enjoy reading about all your food adventures in a land of fresh produce, local and unfrozen meats and fish and using new spices and ingredients. Maybe your next project should be an Ecuadorian Vookbook for Gringos!

    • Hi Tom. Now why are you trying to give me a job!!! ha ha Can’t I just post them to my blog and make folks happy that way Nancy

  3. These posts from you are so helpful giving us a feel of Ecuador living. Jac and I just purchased our flights to Guayaquil for March 25. We will be there a week and are going to try and get to your area during that. We have another couple traveling with us who have also been following your posts. We are going to pack a lot in that week so we can see the areas we are inteested in for our eventual move there in August. Keep the information coming. We love every word.
    Doug & Jac

  4. I was told by an authority in North Carolina that the proper pronuciation for these treats is, “Bold” peanuts. I asked him how do you make them bold and he told me you, “Bol” them. I finally caught on and loved them too.

    We missed the earthquake as we were on the bus to Charapoto and probably just thought it was a rough spot in the road.

  5. You are lucky to have them Nancy- I have not found a place in Manta- Boiled peanuts are very healthy and one of the best nuts to have for it’s nutritional value! We enjoy them in Dallas and usually buy it from the oriental stores-You put little turmeric powder with salt when you boil them—All the best—Yusuf

    • Hola Yusuf, I have not been able to find tumeric powder here…I have asked several folks to bring a bottle with them but it must not be on every store shelf in the US either as I have not gotten a bottle yet. We have had them boiled with hot pepper flakes and salt…yummy! N

  6. Next time I come I will get you the turmeric from an Indian store– It is interesting to know the medicinal value of turmeric-it is a great antiseptic as my mom used to fill in the powder in my wound as a first aid in good old days-It is also great for the prevention of Alzhiheimer if you use it daliy in your diet—-So long–Yusuf

    • Hey Yusuf, I may have someone bringing in turmeric for me as I have never seen it here. I have read all about those great medicinal properties, Joe is now using cayenne pepper because it also has some excellent qualities. Nancy

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