Service in Our Small Coastal Town in Ecuador

If you are expecting to be fawned over, watched constantly and pampered while in a local restaurant in San Clemente, you may feel ignored. Not intentionally, mind you but just because the culture here is to allow folks time, time to sit and get accustomed to their surroundings, time to enjoy the others in their company, just time!  Plus serving you is probably not their only job, the server may also be the person cooking or helping in the kitchen. If you are in a hurry, you will not be happy with this cultural difference.

If you want a server who is all over you asking about your needs and wants this also will frustrate you. Here, when you are ready to order, all you need to do is signal the restaurant staff. Like at Viviana’s they leave us alone for the most part. When they deliver the menus which could be immediately upon sitting down or it could be awhile after we arrive, we order our drinks. Letting the server know that we will not be ordering our food for at least 15 minutes and if Joe and I are enjoying and are into our conversation it may be 30 minutes before we order. At that time we order another drink and wait on our food. We have never felt ignored just left in peace to enjoy the atmosphere, the people, our drinks, the great food and just how lucky we are to be in this beautiful area. We have never been given a check here, when we are ready to leave we find someone and pay them. Our experience in the old country was that when you were asked if you needed anything else many times they were really just trying to hurry you along –  give you the check and the boot so to speak.  They were more rushing you than serving you. An exception might be some of the truly finer – real expensive – places. But the fish meal at Vivianas is $4. complete.  Not plus tax, service charge, valet parking, etc. And its right on the beach.  And they smile, seem truly glad to see you again and not just because you are spending money.  That’s something we as Expats tend to ignore.  It’s not always all about the money yet that is how we see many things. I like their way better. Sometimes we are poor in other ways but only judge based on the worlds only measuring stick these days – money.

On the other hand most tiendas, stores or shops will have someone almost follow you around the store trying to help you. And most of the small tiendas and pharmacies do not allow you inside the store you would need to know what you wanted and ask for it.

Estrella and her family who run the tienda at the end of our street are the exception. I am allowed to roam the store at my leisure looking for the items that are of interest to me. Most places have been wonderful about allowing us behind the counter, this is because first we cannot see to read all the descriptions of the items and not being familiar with the products it is just so much easier to allow us to look for ourselves.

I guess the purpose of this post is to make you understand that you are not being ignored on purpose. This is the way things are done here. Snapping your fingers, whistling, yelling across the room or clapping your hands to get a servers attention are rude in any culture, in my opinion. Catching the eye of the server and motioning for them to come over, thanking them or greeting them with a smile and a hello will work far better than being upset with how things are done here.

If you want another drink get any servers attention and point to your drink…don’t wait for them to come around to ask you. Or get up and go over to someone and ask for a server to come to your table. Things are done differently here.

This small story may help to illustrate exactly what I am trying to say. When we lived in Panama our friend Keith would drive down to David the Provincial Capital of Chiriqui for his supplies. On the way he found a man swinging in a hammock selling beautiful pineapples. After stopping several times and purchasing a pineapple he ask the gentlemen why he did not sell other fruits and vegetables instead of just pineapples. The man asked why should he, he sells ENOUGH to support himself and his family. And he climbed back into his hammock not looking to change how his life is. We have been looking for that ENOUGH because in our opinion that is the true meaning of paradise for us.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 008

One of the first things we did was have Patricia put up very good hammock hooks and we found a great hammock for our porch. We want to be more like that pineapple vendor from Panama.

How envious we would be to find out we worked so hard all our lives to be able to sit under a tree swinging on a hammock and these folks found out early just how much they needed to have a happy and content life…this is what we have searched for, he does not want to change nor does he need to change, his life is complete…ENOUGH of everything!

San Clemente 2.10.2013 010

Our idea of the perfect day is switching between the lounge chair and the hammock several times.

We (Joe and I) are not here to change these beautiful people, their culture or their way of living, we actually want to be more like them. Relaxed, enjoying their jobs instead of hating to come to work each day. Please don’t try to make our Ecuador what you left, because if it was such a wonderful place there, why are you here?

21 thoughts on “Service in Our Small Coastal Town in Ecuador

    • Z, some days I get my dander up when I hear folks complain about things here in Ecuador…I to complain to Joe but then I shut my mouth and think about what I have now, compared to what I had!!! We do feel blessed and I try to keep it real! N

      • i agree, though at times i’ve found myself highly frustrated. yesterday i ‘rolled with it’ when i went to town before noon to get cooking gas, and at three o’clock was still waiting for the truck to arrive. they assured me it would be there at noon. then at one.. then at two… i sat in the park and sketched, visited with a few shop keepers, and aside from being frustrated that i was neglecting projects at home, i enjoyed the break! i think i returned home at four thirty!

    • Hi Yusuf, Thanks for your comment on the article. I am now going to take a walk down by the beach, all day long folks have been walking past the house on their way to the beach…it must be packed by now. Blessings to you for a great Sunday, Nancy

  1. You said it all! I saw that piece of Paradise there and the wonder of it all was right before me. Why do others come there for a change and then try to change life where they went… sounds like Americans! Life is so good there, it is a piece of mind there. At least for me! Enjoy your life and I hope for the best for you and Joe. Have you heard about the road work? From what I know of there I am hoping that it doesn’t go through. Have you got a petition signed? Good Luck!!!!

    • Karen, thanks for your comment on my last article. We are blessed to have a beautiful town that we call home, we would like to have it remain exactly the way it is- peaceful, serene and tranquil…I just posted an email a friend got from Gary Scott see my last article, it looks really good for San Clemente. Nancy

  2. We don’t eat out much, but have always found the staff friendly and helpful. Like you say though, they don’t hover or give you the check until you ask. I agree, it’s nice and you don’t feel like they are rushing you along. I enjoy the shop keepers who follow you around to help, and usually they indeed are a help and make good suggestions. We’re just so not used to service like this, so it took me a bit to get used to not having to find my own way around by myself. I notice many of the big stores are more like the US though, and you find yourself hunting on your own and missing the personal attention of the little stores.

    This reminds me of something I heard…. some men come across a guy in a hammock under the tree watching his two cows. Hey, you should get more cows, and then you could have more milk. But, I’d have to care for more cows. You could hire people, and with more people you could get even more cows, and then you could really build up a business. Why would I want a business? Because the money would come in and you could relax, sit in a hammock under a tree and enjoy life. Huh? but I’m in my hammock under my tree enjoying life now.

    • Hi John and Mary, just trying to keep it real…this is how it works here, we like it that way and really don’t want changes that would make these folks more like what we left behind…N

  3. I’m so happy that you understand. That’s the way most Hispanic’s culture is. Especially the non educated ones, they have no dreams. They don’t think big. We have the same thing in most Latin American countries.As long as they can eat (what ever) they don’t kill themselves. It comes with the time Christopher Columbus discovered us, the new world.The hammocks were ( and in some places Original Message—–in Latin America it still is) they sleep in hammocks.

    • Olga you are a treat, love the Latin flavor you still have after all these years living in the states. It is a good, solid culture with good, solid values and we are totally enjoying our time here with folks like you. Blessings, Nancy & Joe

  4. Nancy: I have been following your blog for a while now and have found it to be so very informative. My husband and I will be visiting there in March and I know we will put all of your information and advice to proper use. Liz

  5. Nancy, I think the restaurant problem is purely American. They seem to be much more relaxed everywhere else. In Europe they assume if you are visiting their restaurant it is your table for the entire night. They don’t rush you or hover. It is different than we are used to but nice once you realize what is going on. Once I was working in London and a group of us wanted to run out for a quick lunch and we ordered and ate and waited and waited for the check. Finally I realized they were never going to bring it until we asked! While we were waiting for the check they were waiting for us to ask… probably wondering what was wrong with us!

    • Hey Tim, I had to go back and re-read that article. It is just as true today as it was when it wrote it, you can sit for as long as you like, they are here to serve you not rush you. Love it…Nancy

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