La Cocina Ecuatoriana

My Easter gift is this beautiful cookbook. A collection of 278 pages of recipes from all over Ecuador purchased this morning at my gate.

San Clemente 3.26.2013 008

San Clemente 3.26.2013 009

San Clemente 3.26.2013 011

The first recipe that I will be trying will be encocado of either pescado or mariscos. I miss being able to enjoy this beautiful coconut milk recipe that is not available here in San Clemente. Encocado is an Esmeraldas specialty. We have found it in Salinas as well as Puerto Lopez but so far in our travels around this area the Manabí folks use mani (peanut butter) but encocado (coconut milk) is used further up the coast.

Wish me luck!

16 thoughts on “La Cocina Ecuatoriana

  1. Long time reader! I love keeping up with you during our transition to EC.

    Do you make your own coconut milk? I can’t wait to be back where I have an almost unlimited supply of coconuts so I can make my own butter, oil, cream, milk, etc. Would probably taste better than getting it canned.

    • MamaNic, Thanks for your comment and being a long term reader.

      I wish I had the nerve to make my own oil, you cannot find real oil here they sell you this stuff that smells like coconut but is not real coconut oil. I have attempted to make coconut milk but it was not great in my opinion and the canned stuff is close to $4 here but I bite the bullet and buy it because I love it…Coconuts are cheap and if you find someone who is growing them in their yard I am sure you can get them even cheaper…I will attempt one day in the future to make the oil and the milk…when I do I will do a detailed post. When we lived in Panama we were able to buy the real stuff so cheap we could get a case of 6 quart bottles for less than $30. I actually did not like the flavor for cooking but for oiling pulling, as a conditioner for your scalp, body, especially feet it was wonderful, it has antibacterial properties and is also great to strengthen your immune system – overall an excellent item to have in the home. You knew it was the real thing because under 75f it would turn to a solid…would love help making it, when will you be making a trip here or do you already live in EC? Your welcome to come and visit and we will make a large batch together. Nancy

    • Eileen, thanks for the vote of confidence. And Happy Easter to you as well. I ordered a ham and expected to have it delivered before this time, we may be having chicken or shrimp for Easter dinner…Oh well it will be wonderful whatever we well, Nancy & Joe

    • We were there last Summer and had to return because of the Visa situation. We are working on making it back down in July/August. Playas is on our list to visit and there are some houses we’ve seen there as potential homes. Our children will be doing an online-based education so we are free to roam the coast and explore! Would love to help make some coconut products! I have not experimented a lot because one coconut here is $4 and not near as good quality as it is there. Hope to see you soon!

      • MamaNic, Hope your plans go according to your schedule and we get to see you later on this year. Hopefully you will make a trip up the coast to San Clemente and we will meet. Nancy

    • Kris, as I just cannot help myself I will make modifications just because that is who I am….jaja and will have pictures and a recipe but it will not be until after Easter…thanks for asking Nancy

      • LOL I had to laugh because I’m the same way. It drives my husband nuts because I can never tell him exactly what I did, or how to duplicate it.

        • Kris, it is just no fun making something that does not have your personal touch or touches in it…I feel like I am being creative when I add my own special ingredients and most of the time I have been rewarded with a good dish, sometimes even a GREAT dish and Joe has been very happy as well. He can never say I am a boring cook, most of the time he will ask “I am never going to see this again, am I?” and the answer is probably Yes, I forget most times to write down what I did so when I go to make it again it is a little different…again we will never get bored ha ha Nancy

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