Changing The Look Of The Blog

After over three years of staying the same, I have changed the look of the blog twice this past month. Why? Well again I felt that after three years it and I could use a little mixing it up. The first theme that I chose, which I really loved, did not work for everyone reading. It would make the words disappear and folks could not see what I was writing. So Saturday afternoon my friend Donna MacDonald gave me her honest evaluation of the problems. She wrote:

Hi Nancy & Joe,

Happy Easter to you both.  Who gets to hide the eggs & who gets to hunt for the eggs?

Thought I would give you a little feedback on your blog.  I think your blog is great and certainly has the makings for a “travel book.”  My feedback is on your background….when your verbage is directly on your glass, the background is extremely difficult to read & when it is on top of the dark green it is impossible to read.  Of course, when your photos/writings are layered on white & then the glass…everything is readable.  Don’t mean to be picky….just don’t want to miss anything.  Definitely think you have the makings of a travel/living in Ecuador book.

Ecuador appears to be agreeing with you guys…..take care.

Love, Donna & Norman

One other reader found it difficult to read with the new theme but when I questioned what the issues were he had not gotten back to me so I thought it was a random issue only on his computer and let it go. Again, I really liked the look of the new theme. So now I have changed it again – I took a bit of time to find one that was easier to read and in doing so I was able to add my photo of the pelicans here in San Clemente to the masthead.

I do appreciate each comment that has been made. I feel blessed that our experiences living in Ecuador are being followed by so many folks and hope that some of it has made a favorable impression of this beautiful country and its people.

22 thoughts on “Changing The Look Of The Blog

    • Joe you are the best, I may need to change it yet again. As it seems when you open a post from the email message you only get to see the actual days post not any of the items on the side bar…not sure if I like that but not doing anything about it today…now I am going outside and taking a nap…N

  1. I read your blog from my IPad and have had no trouble reading it under any of your changes. I am in my 50’s and wear bi-focals. I like keeping up with your adventures in Ecuador from daily stuff you do, side trips, recipes, people you meet and so on. We are coming to Ecuador at the end of May, but sadly won’t be coming your way. We are going to Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil and the Galapagos and then on to Peru to Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu. If you have been to any of these places please feel free to give tips on what to see and what to avoid. It will be me, my husband and 15 year old son. Thanks for the time you put into your posts . I enjoy reading them. Jan in Mississippi.

    • Hi Jan, thanks for following our little life. I loved Quito and did several posts way back three years ago on our time there. We arrived in country in March 2010 I started posting in July and I did do a few posts on Quito. I would go back if the elevation did not effect Joe but it does so we really can’t go back. Loved Parke Carolina and the area around the park. Spent time in Guayaquil but did not like it much, too busy, traffic, humidity, just not our cup of tea. Not familiar with any other place on your list. Enjoy your trip, hope you find what you are looking for, Nancy

  2. I like what you are doing with your blog. Not only do you make it feel like I am there-you bring a lot of memories back to me. I will never forget my time there and just waiting for a chance to return. Until then I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good information. Hope that you both have a wonderful April. God Bless You

    • Hi Audrey, thanks for your comment, glad you are able to read it in whatever format I have used. Have a wonderful week, Nancy

  3. I like the look! I think you can fix the problem above easily by going to the drop down menu and selecting widgets. Add the archives, calendar, etc. from there. Good luck and have a nice nap.

    • Hi John and Mary, I have all of it added and it shows up if you go to but if you click on the button in the email it only shows you the actual article for today…I can’t win for loosing so I will let it go until I have the desire to make yet another change. for now it is good and that is enough ha ha Nancy

  4. Hmmm, I personally didn’t have any problems with your previous themes.. I do remember we seemed to spend hours finding a theme and trying to set it up to our satisfaction, still not the way we want, but better than no

    • John and Mary, it seems to just hit certain folks, not everyone has a problem and who knows what is causing it…I really liked that background with the cute glass just different but the photo of the pelicans is fine. Nancy

  5. Always enjoy your stories in whatever format. It is a pleasure to read your truthful comments. Bill Kerr from Canada.

  6. I have never had a problem with the format of your blog. I especially like this one though, as you can probably guess since I use it too 😀

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