When The Lights Just Don’t Come Back On

When we got back late this afternoon from Bethany’s Birthday Bash we had no power. We sat on the porch talking and finally after it was already dark the power came on and ours only stayed on for about a minute. I knew we had a problem when every house on the block had lights except ours.

My first call was to Patricia who said she would get Serrano or his brother to come over and check it out for us. In the meantime my neighbor Paola walked by and I told her No Luz, she talked to her husband Pilly and he talked to his brother David and we soon had a street filled with neighbors discussing the problem with our lights. Paola was making a joke about us not paying our bill and we both decided it was Joe’s fault and just giggled about it. David started to pull on the electric lines that are hanging precariously from the pole down to our electric meter (which still does not work and I requested a new meter back in early October but that is another post). He felt that the one cable was not connected, I handed them my phone and had them tell Patricia so that the guys could come over with the right equipment.

Within 10 minutes Sarrano and his brother drove up with a huge ladder, they reconnected the cable and we had lights. Tomorrow they will return with new cable and all the tubing to replace the existing cable and secure it to the outside of our home.

San Clemente 4.8.2013 004

If we were back in the states this would need the electric company, here if there is a problem you get your neighbors together and someone will figure out how to take care of it. Just love this country and our neighborhood! Thanks guys!

13 thoughts on “When The Lights Just Don’t Come Back On

  1. I love this post. We have so many similar electricity problems. I hope your new meter arrives faster than ours. It took us almost 2 years before they finally installed a new meter. We had to by-pass the meter to supply electricity to our house. It always frightened me when the meter reader would come to read our meter. We told him we had a work order for a new meter, but he didn’t care. He wrote down the same number on the broken meter for 2 years! lol Our electricity was only $5 a month. Now, with the new meter, it’s a lot more expensive..about $50 a month. I love living in Latin America. People are so helpful and you’re right…they take care of their won.

    • Hi Deb, Yes we have the same situation here, I was concerned after not getting the new meter by the end of the year but my neighbors tell me to let it go. So when the young man reads the meter I tell him it is broken and he just shrugs and writes down the same number as last month. My bill is between 4.54 and 5. When you received your new meter did they go back and hit you with 2 years of usage? I expect them to do that when our meter finally arrives. We do get the regular HOT DOG coming by to see if he can make a few bucks from us for not having a functioning meter, Joe has taken my letter out to them and the walk away a bit unhappy because they are looking for “coke money” like my friend from Panama would call it. ha ha Thanks for your comment. Nancy

        • I would have had a heart attach with that bill. We will end up paying for all the months we have lived here but that is not a problem just want the meter to have it over with. Nancy

    • Joe, so happy you will be here soon. Don’t stress over your living arrangements you will get what you need and it will be all worth it. blessing, Nancy
      PS Joe says HI

  2. Hello, this is CC and Adam from Loxahatchee, Florida . We enjoy reading your blog. Thanks God for great neighbors,I’m an ecuadorian living in USA since the ’78 married to a gringo Adam and plan to come back to Ecuador to spend our golden years in this beautiful country . Saludos. CC

    • Hola CC, ¿cómo está… Thanks for reading our blog. You know what I am talking about when it comes to Ecuadorian neighbors…better folks you could not find anywhere…today to pay back both Pilly and David for helping last night I made zucchini muffins and delivered them still warm to their doors. At lunchtime Paola sends her little daughter over to my gate with a full plate of piscado chicharone and langostino al ajo, white rice, patacones and a beautiful salad…I can’t even pay them back with a kindness without getting another kindness back…talk about wonderful folks. We are so blessed. When will you and Adam be able to retire…make it soon, you are missing some really special stuff…be well, Nancy

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