Mora Jam

Our vegetable and fruit vendor came by one day last week with fresh mora berries. He is not inexpensive on these items for a small bag it cost $1.50 and I bought two. I processed the berries in the blender and put them through a sieve to come up with several cups of beautiful pulpy juice. As I found out from fellow expat Libby, mora berries have a naturally occurring pectin and pectin is the stuff that allows jelly or jam to thicken to a nice consistency.

I added white sugar, honestly I do not remember the amount as I continued to taste for the right sweetness and then put it on the stove to come to a soft boil and reach a temperature of 220 degrees f which is the jelly stage.

San Clemente 4.4.2013 002

You need to remove any foam that forms and then jar the remaining  in clean sterilized jars.

San Clemente 4.4.2013 003

Once in jars clean any spillage off the rims, secure the lids and put them in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. I am reusing jars so even after doing all this I have put them in the refrigerator instead of on the shelf not wanting to have them spoil and we will use them within the next several months.

The flavor is very strong with a hint of tartness that makes for an awesome taste. If you have the opportunity to buy some mora berries try this for yourself it is not hard and the reward is having fresh homemade jam in the house. What a treat!

8 thoughts on “Mora Jam

    • Steven, you are always trying to get me to do more work ha ha, thanks for your vote of confidence in my cooking ability. I am so busy already adding one more thing to my “plate” is going to mean I don’t sleep,,,you are so sweet to think what I do for our everyday lives is special enough for a cookbook. I will need to think on that one for a bit…I’ll let you know if I decide to do something like that. thanks much, Nancy

    • John and Mary, it is so rich a little goes a very long way, it also has a bit of a tartness that is almost refreshing, must be great berries cause it sure was nothing that I did, Nancy

  1. We just got a bag of them here. They are awesome! I made fruit smoothies and the berries add a wonderful tartness and color. I never made jam but we bought some in the store and my husband loves it.

    • Kris, I have made the jam before but when our friend Libby said that pectin was naturally found in the mora berry it made me more interested because we cannot find Sure Jell or any type of pectin here and I hate using all the sugar to make it thicken. Have a great day, Nancy

  2. Do you know where I could buy some Mora Jelly/Jam? My husband grew up in Ecuador and loves it but I can’t find it anywhere in the states 😢

    • Hi Kristen, what I liked to use in the states was Raspberry Jam or Jelly…I like it seedless and so you really need to look at the jar to be sure you do not see seeds. You can make your own by purchasing dark red raspberries and following my recipe. Be careful of the sugar. The berry called Mora here is very tart. If you want to make large batches you should use Sure Jel or Certo and can them with sealing jars. This way you can keep them on a shelf for a very long time. What I make is normally just a few jars and keep them in the refrigerator. If you go to a pick your own berry farm you can decide which berries are tarter and just pick them for your jam. I don’t think you will ever get exactly what your husband had when he lived here. Good luck, Nany

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