Supermarket Prices

One of the expats on Facebook posted this link a few days ago for Tia Supermarkets list of products with prices. Thought that some of you out there would like to take a look at the current grocery prices in Ecuador.

The website is in Spanish but in taking a quick look they have the photo of the product right next to it and if you click on the photo it enlarges so you can take a better look.

Enjoy, Nancy

4 thoughts on “Supermarket Prices

  1. Love the list, wished I had it when we first moved here. My first experience grocery shopping, with my very limited Spanish, almost had me in tears…lol I could have done some research and been better prepared. Also knowing the eggs, milk and cream were not in the refrigerated section would have been very helpful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. !Mucho Gracias! I look forward to looking through the list – and Sandy will be ecstatic – she likes to cook and has wondered a million times just exactly what is and isn’t on the shelves. This is exactly the kind of information every potential expat needs, but is SO hard to find. We appreciate you and Joe for passing things like this along. John

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