Introducting Luis our Pan-Joven

This is the young man who has started to deliver pan in the mornings and again comes back around 4pm with beautiful dessert rolls and cookies. Yesterdays selection of sweets was coconut covered, jelly topped and some that even looked like cinnamon or chocolate rolls.

San Clemente 4.19.2013 002 San Clemente 4.19.2013 004

I am not sure what is going to happen when school starts next month because this young man should be on his way to school at the exact time he is delivering to our neighborhood.

He is a very hard-working young person. And we so much appreciate him and his family doing this for San Clemente.

10 thoughts on “Introducting Luis our Pan-Joven

    • Hi John and Mary, no he told me he is from San Clemente about 3 streets outside of centro…I love having those fresh rolls…N

    • Hi John, I think Libby said it was close to where David is working??? I asked Luis and he said 3 streets past centro and the Virgin…Nancy

    • Z, it is so wonderful to have one baker to take over when Jesus left us…The kids is great getting here before 7am each morning and then he is back middle of the afternoon with treats… Nancy

  1. Nancy- if possible please make sure he does not quit school for this -AS long as he helps the family in his spare time it will be fine but you and I will hate to see him miss his valuable time off the school–happy times and all the best–Yusuf

    • I could not agree with you more Yusuf. That is why I made the comment on the post. school will be starting here in May…you are right he needs his education his math is pretty good I must say!!! He has no problem adding up the figures in his head…but he needs everything else plus just the experience of being in school with other kids his own age…and to play a bit instead of just working….I will let you know what happens in a few weeks…when Jesus left a few days later a man, must have been Luis’s father came around our street one morning. He must have set the route for Luis to follow…Nancy

    • Hi Lynda, The rolls are .10 cents each and he has three different types and in the afternoon it looks like his sweets are between .15 and .25 cent each. Again, I have not had any of the sweets. With my recent blood work it looks like the rolls will be out of the question as well…Nancy

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