Police Notification Received April 23, 2013

This morning while working in the yard a police truck went by and stopped to talk to me about the notification below:

policia san clemente (2)

A general translation is:

Sra Zambrano Marcias Katerine is inviting the public to a meeting in the police station in San Jacinto at 7pm this evening, April 23, 2013. They will be discussing security, public safety and the Community Police.

Anyone interested can attend this meeting at the Police Station outside of San Jacinto at 7 pm this evening.

4 thoughts on “Police Notification Received April 23, 2013

    • TJ, you should know better, I would never start something in a police station ha ha I am not sure that I will attend, I am hoping one of the other expats with better Spanish will go and give us the highlights of the meeting. I did see that Manabí is having an issue with counterfeit money…that could be one of the topics for this evening. If I find out anything it will be in the blog ASAP, thanks for keeping up with the happenings here, N

    • No, I am sure that did not happen. I know that John MacDonald attended he may give us an update on his blog. His blog is listed in my blog roll, Living it Up in Ecuador..Nancy

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