Happy Anniversary to Joe and I

Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary. And we attempted to take a serious photo but this is how the first one came out.

San Clemente 5.12.2013 003

Then after Joe stopped being funny we got this one.

San Clemente 5.12.2013 005

Okay, so he was still acting silly. This next one looks pretty good.

San Clemente 5.12.2013 004

Joe took me out to Viviana’s for a lovely dinner and our celebration was complete.

34 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Joe and I

    • Thanks Deborah, Joe was in a very good mood yesterday when we were attempting to take these pictures so I decided why not show that side of him. Nancy

  1. Well, Congratulations! Now I know why you were not at the Mother’s Day Celebration. I missed you, but happy for your years together and your own celebration for such a special occasion.

  2. i love the photo session! happy anniversary! you two are a rare breed – the swans, as i call my friends hank and marie! i’m so happy that you’ve weathered the storms and made it to landfall at san clemente! congratulations! z

    • Lyndell, thanks so much, maybe next year if God allows us another year we will have a small celebration. That would be fun, Nancy & Joe

    • Thanks Mary and Dennis, we are very happy here, the best years of our lives. Take care of yourselves, Nancy & Joe

  3. Congratulations for your 39 years together, (40 big party, I hope…hehehe). Happy Anniversary.
    Y que sigan siendo tan felices en San Clemente como se nota que lo son ahora, llenos de alegría, salud y tranquilidad.

    • Esthela, If God is merciful and gives us more time on earth we would love to have a big party. Gracias por tus amables palabras, de verdad amamos a nuestra pequeña ciudad y cabaña en la playa. Nancy and Joe

    • Roger, thank you for your kind wishes. We had a very quiet dinner with a friend and Mother’s Day was the same quiet and peaceful. Miss you and Carmen be well, we miss you dear friends, Nancy & Joe

    • Karen and Tom, I feel the same way time has just rushed by. Can’t imagine having just arrived here three years ago when we met in Puerto Lopez. How are you both doing in Cuenca? Joe and I are enjoying our little beach hut in Clemente. Nancy & Joe

  4. Nancy, Joe, I congratulate you on your anniversary. I wish you many more years of health and happiness together. Your affection for each other is so clear and so sweet in the photographs.

    Best regards, best of luck,


    • John, it has been a very long and hard road to get to where we are today. Nothing in life is easy but…we took our vows very serious and worked hard at this relationship. Now we are reaping the rewards of all of that hard work. Life is good, God is good and we know we are blessed each day. Thanks for you kind remarks, Nancy & Joe

  5. Congratulations a little late. You are very fortunate and I wish you at least another 20. I do so enjoy your posts.

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