Avoid the Hassle With a Lost or Stolen Cedula

When we first received our cedulas we were advised by friends to make a good color copy, laminate it and carry that as your identification, keeping the original in a safe place. We did exactly that, only carrying our original when handling banking or legal matters like getting a power of attorney. Originals also needed to travel internationally as well.

San Clemente 5.30.2013 004

A friend of ours lost his wallet with his original cedula inside and was leaving the country, going back to Canada, in a few weeks time. We saw what a hassle he had getting a new cedula and were happy for the suggestion.

It is a big hassle having to come up with original documents to replace those that you used to get your residency approved. For us not having additional original documentation or a fast way to receive this documentation from the United States, it would cause us a great deal of anxiety to say the least. You need to recreate all the original documentation you needed when you originally applied. And you have to do it from here. Whew!

We found while living in Salinas that there were several places that had laminating machines by the municipal building and for as little as a dollar you could have a duplicate card made. Not sure where in Portoviejo this could be accomplished but I am sure there must be several places that have a laminating machine.

8 thoughts on “Avoid the Hassle With a Lost or Stolen Cedula

  1. I thought the cedula was a local identification card. Why do you need to have it when traveling internationally?

    • Hi Linda, leaving the country it shows that you are a legal resident and coming back in is the same thing. You still need your passport but this identification just proves you are a legal resident of EC. Some folks come here on a 90 or 180 day visa and then attempt to come back less than a year later as far as I know that is not allowed. Nancy

        • Hi Linda, we were told to carry our originals when we were traveling outside the country. Who knows if migration has changed the rules, I can check with our attorney either Gaby in Quito or Floridalva in Portoviejo and I will let you know. Nancy

  2. Great idea…will be looking for laminating services in Quito….the Cedula is too valuable to lose or try to replace…When we go out we only take color copies of our passports as well Eileen

    • Hi Eileen, that is a good idea as well. Keeping your original documents safe is very important. A US passport is a very valuable item to the thieves out there. Hope you are both well, Nancy & Joe

    • Hope you can find a place to get your copies laminated, if you do let me know where it is. Our cards are getting a bit worn and we need to make some new ones. tks, N

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