Lalo’s in Portoviejo Centro

When we go into centro Portoviejo we always try to stop and get a hot dog or hamburger at Lalo’s. This is a very small kiosk at one corner of the Super Exito shopping building. It is small, it is a tight fit on the tiny stools, not much counter space, it is always crowded with locals catching a quick bite on the run. BUT IT IS GREAT!  Again yesterday we stopped, what a treat.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 010

I normally have the hamburger but have never been able to finish it so yesterday I ordered the hot dog. That is what the gentlemen is making in the above picture. It is a Juris foot long hot dog, that has been simmered in a most excellent sauce made with white onions, ketchup, mustard and of all things Tampico orange drink. This is piled high in an egg hot dog roll and topped with a mayonnaise sauce and grated fresh cheese.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 011

San Clemente 6.3.2013 009

Okay, I ate most of it before I took the picture, but this shows just what is in each bun.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 012

Lalo’s is a favorite when we are running around Portoviejo. If you get a chance to stop in do try the hot dogs Joe and I both highly recommend them. And the young man who runs the place is fast and seems to enjoy his work. Oh yes, a lot of joy for $1.50.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 013

12 thoughts on “Lalo’s in Portoviejo Centro

    • Susan, It was a good dog for a very low price. I only have one more dentist appointment and that is next Tuesday so our trips into Portoviejo will be not as often after that. We will miss our little adventures. Nancy

  1. Here in David Panama I go to Price Smart and have a hot dog for $1.34. Yours looks better than mine plus I love having meals at outdoor places.

    • Hi OldTimer, I loved David, we used to live in Dolega for 3 1/2 years moved to EC over 3 years ago. But David was one of our favorite places, loved to buy the pipa (coconut water) on the street corners for .35 a glass, went crazy for the cafeteria’s I cannot remember their names, loved following Don Ray’s Chiriquí Chatter blog, I know the one pizza place closed down but that was great and of course the Steak House Chinese restaurant was one of our favorites. I do miss many things about David and our dear friends in Dolega. I do remember going to the Price Mart and getting those big juicy hot dogs…OH you now made me very hungry. ha ha Be well, thanks for your comment, Nancy

  2. Laughing that the name of the Hot Dog stand is Anglicized with the appostrophe–“Lalo’s.” Do you see that often? LOL

    • Guillermo, yes many places have signs that are in English or partial English. While in Portoviejo on Monday of the 4 or 5 people that we spoke with three including our young dental intern spoke English, one gentlemen in a fabric store spoke English as well as the man in one of the general stores. Many of these people lived in the US for a period of time, you will not find many of the locals in a fishing village speak English but many of the merchants in the bigger towns do. Thanks so much for your comments and thanks for reading about our adventure. Nancy

  3. I am sorry to report the pipas now cost 50 cents. Price Smart has the best pizza…$9.99 for the big one. Maybe you are thinking of Multi Cafes #1 &#2. ..The expansion of the airport is done. Hoping to get flights to the States by this December. Spirit has applied to fly to their hub in Ft. Lauderdale. OT

    • OT, I am sad for you .50 for a big glass of pipa…very sad. Your right it was the Multi Cafes, when we were moving to EC we lived upstairs of the one Multi Café, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner…very easy to get used to. I am excited for you with David airport flying to the US. We did take a flight from there to San Jose CR and then onto Ecuador. I must admit I do miss many things about David. Nancy

    • J & M, You will really like the dogs, you may also like the hamburgers but I must warn you they do add a slice or mortadela and a few pieces of salami to the burger…this is Ecuador you know…N

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