Clinica San Antonio, Portoviejo

I have gone into Portoviejo for dental issues for the past month. We were given this dentist’s name by our friend Jackie Ross. This woman is so gentle, calm and in my opinion she knows her business. I visited due to pain, awful pain when I ate, cold, hot, breathing even caused pain, could not bite on the one side of my mouth. I expected two root canals because that is what has happened in the past but she said NO, No necesito. It is totally because I just brush too hard and have moved the gum line away from the tooth, exposing some of the nerves. After the first treatment I could not believe the relief, I have had six appointments with the last yesterday. Total cost will be under $200 but the real good news is No Root Canals…..

As she was finishing up yesterday she told me that this work was guaranteed for a year. If I had any pain or discomfort to just come in and she would take care of it for me no charge..WHAT??? I almost cried, I love this woman!!!

I took some pictures of the facility. They even had some of their fees posted on one window. Could not believe these prices.

San Clemente 6.12.2013 004

San Clemente 6.3.2013 007

San Clemente 6.3.2013 005

This is Dra. Guillum’s office.  I am so sorry I failed to get photos of the staff.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 006

23 thoughts on “Clinica San Antonio, Portoviejo

  1. Nan, the Guillen family is well connected in Portoviejo. When we lived there in the late 1970’s, we worked directly with Richard Guillen,Ingeniero, and I believe he was a prefect for Manabi in the early 2000’s. Lovely man, should be in his 70’s now. He was married to a woman whose mother was the first Portovieja to publish a cookbook in Manabi, and maybe even in Ecuador, can’t remember the wife’s name. I still have that book, I’ll find it somewhere! We were the first Peace Corps volunteers ever in that section of Manabe, Portoviejo and we livedin Tosagua.

    • Thanks so much for all the history of the family. I would love to see that cookbook it sounds wonderful. Nancy

    • Deb, thanks I felt better after the first visit. After all these years of pain and other dentists drilling the crap out of my teeth to find someone who solved the problem without root canals or drilling is so special…

  2. I went to San Antonio Clinic last year – was feeling dizzy and quesy for about a week. Got to the clinic and saw a gastroenterologist who spoke good English. He sent me to a cardiologist who said it had nothing to do with my heart just thought I was over medicated. He then sent me for a load of blood tests, then saw a neurologist at the clinic who sent me for an MRI Brain Scan – then the gastroenderologist did an endoscopy of my stomach and remove three polyps, sent them off to be biopsied. Also had a anethesiologist for this procedure – got some new meds – spent one night in a two room swuite at the clini – the care was great, the doctors knowledgeable and the cost for all $1600.00 – I will definetely go tghere forr ay meical needs in the buture.

    then the neurologist did some tests for diabetic neuropathy and then the Gastrolenderoligst did an enoscopy of my stomach, with an aesthesiologist and removed three polyps from my stomach – They gave me n

    • Audrey, I liked the clinic from the moment I stepped into the lobby. It seems well organized, extremely clean and the array of doctors is good. I like the idea that they have the prices for many items posted and your experience supports all that we have heard about them. I can’t thank my friend Jackie Ross enough for her recommendation of this woman. Thanks for writing and especially for reading about our lives here in San Clemente.. Nancy

  3. Sorry about all the wrong spelling on the above reply. My computer was really acting up. Anyway my experience was very good at San Antonio Clinic –

    • OldTimer, I have sent you an email with the dentist we used while living in Panama. If I remember correctly you live in David and that is where she practices. Still much cheaper than the us by a long shot. thanks for your comment…N

  4. Thanks for the info Nancy–How was the set up inside the exam room? was it pretty clean & sterile?Does Dentista or any staff speak any English ?What exact treatment did she do ? I am just curious having the same problems–Regs–Yusuf

    • Hi Yusuf, Good to hear from you. Her office is four rooms and two bathrooms. Two complete examining and dental offices, a reception area as well as her office attached to the one examining room. Her equipment looks to be new and in immaculate condition as well as extremely clean, she has a TV monitor that is attached to a hand held camera that she can show you exactly what is happening in your mouth. Everything looks well maintained and clean, she has a full-time receptionist/assistant and currently has a young dentist as an intern who just completed dental school that will be with her until September. She uses gloves and a mask and I did notice that she changed gloves after each patient. Both the dentist and her receptionist do not speak English the young dentist does but I honestly did not have any trouble understanding when the Doctor spoke, she spoke slowly and in small sentences and you know my Spanish is not that good but I totally understood her. The treatment was first a total exam of all my teeth, then she applied a solution to all the areas where the gum was moved exposing the bottom of my teeth. The next appointment she did this first treatment again and then she applied what I think was a porcelain veneer and used a dental curing light (blue light) to each area. These two processes were done with each of my next five appointments. After the second appointment almost all of the pain was gone, I could chew on the left side and had not been able to do that for weeks at that point. Nothing currently hurts ice, cold beer, hot soup nothing even when she turned on the air….and to give me a full year warranty was totally unexpected. If you are back this way she is worth visiting. $30 for the first appointment and $140 total for the next five appointments. I will tell you that I have had root canals because of the same type of pain, I am wondering if they were necessary??? I hope this helps you. If you want more information on the solution she used on my teeth I should be able to contact the intern by phone and ask her what she used…All I know is that it numbed the area and if it touched my lip that went numb as well…Nancy

  5. Wow! So glad you are ok and that she went with the least invasive treatment. I doubt that would happen here.

    • Lynda33self, thanks for your comment and reading about our lives here in San Clemente. Have a wonderful week, Nancy

    • Hi Glenda, No she does not speak English…but has the patience of a saint. Joe and I have had little trouble communicating with her. Her husband and college age son speak English and when I first visited her last year she had her son come in to translate for us. Joe is actually seeing her tomorrow. We are happy with her. Nancy

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