Paola Delivers Lunch

Our neighbors are pretty cool. If it’s not one handing stone crabs over the gate it’s another sharing Viche for our lunch yesterday. (The crabs over the gate thing happened yesterday – Eric gave us 2 huge stone crabs and then later Erica his sister gave us 3 more! gotta love this place).

San Clemente 6.18.2013 017Okay, back to the viche de langosta.

This soup was made with lobster, madura and green plantains, carrots, and corn all simmered in a peanut broth. It is one of our favorites.

If I had to choose the best food that we have eaten while outside of the US it would have to be the cooks of Manabí and Paola would come in first place. Other items that she has shared with us were lapangachos – it s a stuffed potato or yucca fritter filled with meat or chicken. She has also made a fried shrimp dinner that had a chicharone coating on the shrimp. The next cook would need to be Sonia and her lobster and crab ceviche. Living here has been a unbelievable experience in the Manabí art of cooking.

Thanks vecinos (neighbors) you made our day!

8 thoughts on “Paola Delivers Lunch

    • Nicole, it was delicious, this is our favorite lunch when we go to San Jacinto. Copacabana has a wonderful $3 lunch that includes this wonderful soup, the segunda is fried corvine, rice, patacones and salad with a small personal sized soda of your choice…We go their every time we need to go to Jacinto…Nancy

  1. It tastes delicious. (And wait to try preparing my mother-in-law, is simply amazing). Manabi’s cuisine is spectacular, really Ecuadorian food is wonderful and so varied as its landscape (Sierra, Costa-Galapagos and Oriente). But the best part is that your neighbors are so kind and share with you these delights. I know you feel lucky for your neighbors, but they also are lucky to be near you.

    • Esthela, when you are here in August you will need to show me how to make this wonderful dish…also I am crazy over encocado (not sure if I am spelling this correctly) Any dish made with coconut of my other favorites. We are in a very good neighborhood. Thanks for your comments, Nancy

    • OldTimer, there is a period of time when the government bans fishing for crab and lobster…not sure exactly when it is…and honestly I don’t see crab that often here in Clemente. I saw much more crab in Playas. Nancy

  2. I really need to get away and try different things. It all sounds delicious – and so very different than what I am accustomed to eating.

    • Hi Lynda, we have always loved different foods. I guess it all started with our parents, my background is Polish and we lived in a coal mining area of NE PA. My father’s family had a dairy farm so we had a cow and chickens and grew up with fresh milk (unpasteurized fresh from the cow), eggs and home grown meats and veggies. Mom was a great cook, making wonderful meals with little for a growing family totaling 8 plus her parents living next door. Joe’s father was born and raised in NYC and Joe’s early years were spent in NJ with frequent trips into the city for Chinese and other great treats. When we moved from the North East, soon after we were married, we spend many years in South Florida. The Cuban style of cooking really attracted us, with its palomilla steaks, black beans and rice and fried sweet plantains…and how could I forget that frothy espresso with a Guava and Cream Cheese pastry… .that was the beginning. Now our taste runs from Malaysian Chicken Curry with Roti or Paranta to Moroccan Chicken with chick peas. We love Asian foods from many countries and I make things like spring roll wraps, coconut chicken soup, beef pho soup as well as tempura of fish and veggies. Our only issue is trying to find the spices and unusual ingredients to make these wonderful meals. But our readers have come through on many occasions to bring jars of curry paste, fresh horseradish roots, mustard seeds for making whole grain mustards, you name it our friends from around the world have carted these treats half way around the world to make our lives a bit more interesting. Yesterday I had all the ingredients to make a Moroccan Spice mix things like coriander seeds and cardamom pods were a main ingredient and two lovely sisters Marilee and Penny, visiting from Canada dragged these items to me in their luggage. I guess today is a celebration of how wonderful and giving you all have been to us. So thanks Lynda for making me truly appreciate all the wonders that our our new friends…blessing to you today, Nancy

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