Lobster Ceviche Another First for Me

One morning my neighbor offered lobster across the fence for $5 a pound. We love lobster and I wanted to make something a little different so I decided I would try my hand at Ceviche.

San Clemente 7.23.2013 005As you can see from the above photo I have gathered the lemons and sour oranges from our trees, onion, green and yellow peppers, small red firecracker chilies, cilantro, ketchup and the cooked lobster meat. What is not in the picture is a beautiful red ripe tomato and a tablespoon of mustard that I added at the end. You may need to add a pinch of sugar if your Sour Orange is just too sour and a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix this all together and put in the refrigerator for several hours.

San Clemente 7.23.2013 007 The hardest part was waiting the hour or so to eat this. It was fabulous – our new favorite meal with lobster…OH MY!!!!

14 thoughts on “Lobster Ceviche Another First for Me

    • Lyndell, Just saw your new toy!!!!! Love that Ken would get you what you want and can use. How is your yard coming along? We had a worker here but I found out what I was doing will just peel off like the work I did less than a year ago so we have stopped until we can figure out what we need to do for the long term. Looks like tile will be our answer to our peeling problem…Want the interior walls to get repaired first so I can get someone to build my shelving. Then next year we will finish the kitchen cabinets…the firecrackers were not very hot, it actually needed a bit more heat for Joe and I. Nancy

      • Yes, Ken’s a keeper. Will start with a birdhouse or two then a potting bench to put out back by the garden. I am looking for two Almondra trees about 6 feet tall for the front yard. Preferably already shaped like a parasol, for shade. If any of your local friends could come up with them, we’d really appreciate it. Happy to pay a fee if needed.

        That (tiles) was how we solved our peeling problem. (Hopefully, the tiles will stay up!)

        Need to get together for lunch one of these days for maybe a nice chicken salad and a chat. Lyndell

        • Hi Lyndell, I love that you are doing the wood projects. I have only seen two almond trees in our neighborhood, the folks behind have one but they would never part with it. But I will keep an eye out for them. I guess we will need to go with the tiles, our wall looks awful it needs help. Lunch sounds great. N

        • Mary, yes she did, it looks awsome, she had a picture on Facebook…I would be afraid of it but I did take a wood working class at a college years ago and really enjoyed it…not sure I am up to that type of work these days, hard enough to go out and rake the leaves ha ha Nancy

    • Hi Deb, It looks like you are very busy, loved the turtle picture…you are very creative. Be well, have a wonderful balance of your week, Nancy

    • Oh Yeah Susan! it was almost better than the lobster sandwiches…hard to choose between them…ha ha Take care of our Jimmy and yourself, see you both very soon, Nancy

  1. Oh yum, never thought to try that. Will next time. Made my pickles, supposedly not ready for 9 more days, but tried them last night and they were tasty. The “bread & butter seasoning is perfect. Only takes 1/4 cup of mix for two quarts, so if you want some let me know, gratis. Thank YOU for making pickles, would never had tried to otherwise.

    • Mary, the ceviche was great and worth a try for sure. I will supply the sour oranges if there are any left on our tree, the lemons are just about gone but I may have a few for you. I am happy you are trying the pickels they are so expensive in the markets.

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