Found on the Beach – WHAT Is It?

Now if you are going to start to ask what this is, I am going to let you know right off, I have no idea. It was on the beach one day while I was walking, it looked to me like half sting-ray and half fish…maybe half shark.

San Clemente 7.5.2013 001I did not get too close, I know it was already dead but again I did not get too close. Sometimes when the fishermen are hauling in their nets things get tangled up and end up in them that are not of interest to the fishermen. Usually within a few minutes a frigate bird has scooped it up. And the beach is once again clean…works for me!

Here is a close up to help you name this fishy for me.

San Clemente 7.5.2013 002My first email and comment came from John and Mary MacDonald our neighbors here in San Clemente. See what they wrote”

John Macdonald
8:38 AM (50 minutes ago)

I did a little reading on the guitarfish after Mary found the picture in our book and learned that they are in the ray family.  Google search has a lot of material on them and notes that the body is sort of a blend between shark and ray.  I think if you saw this swimming toward you near the surface the dorsal fin would convince you that it was a shark.
When I was out whale watching we saw some fish that I was sure were large sharks, but the fishermen told me they were Manta rays.  They have a large dorsal fin that looks like it came straight out of “Jaws!”
Have a great day,
John and Mary
Thanks John and Mary, I am learning so much about our new hometown.

8 thoughts on “Found on the Beach – WHAT Is It?

  1. Nancy – we have a book with a lot of Pacific fish in it, so we looked it up. It looks to us like a Common Guitarfish. We have seen them here before. I guess they are not good eating, because the fishermen always seem to discard them. It might be a bit big for the frigates to swoop up, but you can bet the hawks and turkey vultures will feast on it.

    • Thanks John and Mary, I have added your email to me to the bottom of the article…I knew it looked sort of like a ray and sort of like a shark…funky fish to be sure…also knew it was not good eating becuase our fisherman would never just leave it for the birds and land crabs to eat. N

    • Hi Janispaqu, maybe that is another name for the shovelfirsh and guitarfish or it is in the same family of fish. Thanks so much for your comment. Have a wonderful day, we may have sun in San Clemente today, YAHOO

    • Hi Marilee, looking at pictures on the internet for shovelfish, angel shark and guitar fish it could be anyone of them. Thanks to all of you who took the time to look this up. Have a great day, Nancy

    • Hi Keith, thanks so much for your comment…looking at the pictures on the internet it is hard to determine exactly what it is, from angle shark to guitar fish they seem to looks so much alike…All we can be sure of is that it is not good eating or it would not have been left on the sand, Nancy

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