Sushi – How Could We Resist?

We have been Sushi deprived…honestly the last time we had it was when we were in Guayaquil several years ago. The hotel we are staying at has sushi from 1pm until late probably 10 pm from Monday – Friday…we could not wait.

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (25)

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (27)It was wonderful, do you know how you can tell?

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (28)Yes, we may even go back for dinner tomorrow ordering the same thing! We did enjoy two different miso soups before our sushi arrived.

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (21) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (23)The restaurant is very modern with all black and white furniture and accents.

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (17) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (24)

3 thoughts on “Sushi – How Could We Resist?

    • Hi Leon, it was very nice. Honestly I did not like the one roll made with Smoked Salmon, the other fresh salmon roll was wonderful but all evening I could taste the smoke that was not very appealing to me. But everyting else on the plate was exceptional and the soups were also very nice. Nancy

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