Howard Johnson, Guayaquil

In the past we have stayed at the Sheraton here in Guayaquil. When searching for hotel rates about a month ago, the Sheraton was way out of our budget – at over $300 a night when you included taxes and service charge.  I just can’t justify that much money for a hotel room for the night. So Joe continued our search and found the Howard Johnson. It is located in the same area and came out to $110 per night.

Guyaquil 8.7.2013 001 (7)The room is spacious, it has a great king-size bed with beautiful linens, a TUB in the bathroom which is a must for someone who has not seen a tub in over three years and a very nice restaurant with different cuisines.

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (7) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (9) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (11)The room has WiFi, a safe deposit box, a blow dryer and even an extra blanket and pillow, oh sorry it also has a flat screen TV with a zillion cable channels to choose from. The mini-bar was filled with cold beer, water and fruit drinks and they had a fine choice of snacks at a very high price. The room service menu had many options. All rooms are non-smoking actually the entire building is non-smoking.

Guyaquil 8.7a.2013 002

Guyaquil 8.7a.2013 005It is a special place for us to celebrate my applying for Social Security.

Guayquil 8.5.2013 (30) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (29) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (12) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (14) Guayquil 8.5.2013 (15)It is located almost right next door to Mall del Sol and this area also has a great food court in a park type area next door to the hotel. The airport is nearby and the hotel has a shuttle service to pick you up and take you back to the airport as well as a flight monitor with the airlines schedule on it right in the lobby of the hotel. Several newspapers from Guayaquil and Quito are available every day along with the Miami Herald in English.

Everyone on staff has been more than helpful – we have felt right at home here for the last few days.

10 thoughts on “Howard Johnson, Guayaquil

  1. Well if the have a shuttle service that will be the hotel we will use when we come in since we will be landing at 7:45pm or 11:10pm. Thanks for the info!! Have a safe trip home!!

  2. That’s more than we like to spend even in the States. Are there no comfortable locally owned/not U.S./European type of hotels?

    • Hi William, I know this was very expensive for us as well…yes, there are many other hotels but for us being near the airport is very important. If you go with a chain you know exactly what you get, the rooms are similar to anywhere in the world, service is similar…and these big chains have shuttle service to and from the airport…at all hours of the day and night…a great deal of the flights from the US come in late…I would not want to be looking for a taxi at 10:30pm to take me to a Mom/Pop hotel…Guayaquil is not the city for Expats who are Seniors to be lost or looking like they are lost. I did find out, after our trip, that the Sheraton has a senior rate of $85 per night go to Star Wood hotels and see what you can come up with. You will not get that rate if you go to the Sheraton, Guayaquil site it the cheapest was $260 per night with twin beds. Good luck, Nancy

    • Deb, it has changed so much since we moved here just over three years ago…Guayaquil is very expensive but when you have to go there you should make the best of it. We did have fun, loved the sushi and MegaMaxi had a sushi mat…so now that I have nori and the sushi rice Joe will be making us some nice rolls in the next week or so…yahoo!!! yes, I am simply amused!

    • Hey Lynda, No, it did not. When we stayed at the Sheraton a little over a year ago it did include the breakfast buffet. But neither one offer it any longer. Joe and I ate at the buffet one morning and it was $30 for the both of us…it was nice but not $30 worth…This was a special trip so we splurged, could not or would not do this all the time…thanks for your comment. N

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