More New Dresses

I loved everything that Nelly made for me so I decided that I needed a few cover-ups for when we go to the beach. When I went over to her house with my new materials, Nelly started to take out her stockpile of beautiful materials – pieces of fabric that I could not pass by.  She made the following items in less than a week.

San Clemente 7.20.2013 019As well as making me ties for the dresses, she even made me two shawls from the beach material.

San Clemente 7.20.2013 011We had this cute lounge chair that we bought in Playas but the sling seat disintegrated so she made me a new more comfortable one to replace the old.

Can’t wait until all my shelving and cabinetry are completed so I can start buying some furniture and having Nelly do some decorating with fabric for us.

12 thoughts on “More New Dresses

    • Hi Karen, I picked up some very cute material while in Guayaquil and Nelly is going to make a baby dress from me as a gift to my next door neighbor. Baby is due in November and I was looking at dresses in the Mall del Sol but they started at $35, I bought the material, buttons and some beautiful ribbon for under $6 total. So for Nelly to make it should not be more that another $6 so for $12 I have a beautiful gift.

    • Hi Deb, The one dress is made of some sort of polyester so it is really not cool but it had palm trees and little boats on it so I had to have that material. I just came from Cherapoto which is about 25 minutes from San Clemente by bus, they have two fabric stores right on main street. So when I go to get more dresses or blouses or shorts made I will try there first before going to Portoviejo which is about 2 hours away by bus. Nancy

  1. Lovely dresses! You have a gem! Hope to see you soon! I will let you know when I plan to travel your way! Looking forward to seeing if the place has changed. Stay safe!!

    • Hi Karen, Joe and I just were talking about you and Michael yesterday while we were having lunch at Copacabana in San Jacinto…hope to see you soon, N

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