Diane and Rob Sit Under The Limon Tree

We first met Rob through a comment he made on a post almost a year ago. Monday evening we got to meet both Diane and Rob in person. With their trip to Ecuador in full swing – memories already made in Quito, Salinas, Ballenita and Puerto Lopez –  they are now into the second half of their adventure this week here in San Clemente and points north.

San Clemente 8.20.2013 011In all honesty we got along so well that it was like we had known each other for years. We feel that way about many of the visitors to Ecuador that we have met over the past three years. I guess it is a kind of “like-minded” attitude in the folks that are trying to make the decision to move to our adopted land, and, in particular, our new home town.

Monday evening we spent hours out in the yard, talking and laughing, drinking a few Pilseners and having some munchies. I know that we will be seeing you again next year when you come to visit again. That is the true testament of how Ecuador and it’s beautiful and warm people affect most folks – they come back.

We pray for a wonderful balance of your adventure, a pleasant journey back to Canada and fond memories of your time in Ecuador.

Felices viajes!

10 thoughts on “Diane and Rob Sit Under The Limon Tree

  1. In a trip filled with one wonderful experience and incredible day after another, our time spent with you and Joe is one of my favorite highlights. The food was delicious, the cervezas perfectly chilled, and the setting ideal. It was the company though, and the comfortable conversation peppered with much laughter, that made me completely unaware of just how many hours we sat there. I will be very much aware of the time it takes before we meet again next year.

    • Diane, we did have a great time as well. So sorry our everyday life gets in the way of spending more time with you and Rob. I hope we can walk together this morning, I am watching my eamils to see if I can join you, N

    • Hi Sue, I assume you meam the east coast of the US…becuase if you were in Ecuador now I would be happy to give you a bunch of leaves for you to take home and freeze…Nancy

    • Hi Jim, It was nice meeting you as well. We are sure to see each other before you need to leave. Hope you are enjoying your time here. Nancy

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