Sonia’s Ramada

Earlier this week I heard some work going on up the street and found out that Sonia had decided to add a ramada to her backyard. In two days the building itself was completed and today they are leveling the soil and cleaning up.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 004 San Clemente 8.31.2013 003

I can see the hammocks lined up now, with Sonia and her son enjoying the freshness under this wonderful ramada.  Beautiful addition to this lovely home. Fiesta anyone?

5 thoughts on “Sonia’s Ramada

  1. Nan, I don’t know why but neither of the pics are coming through for me. The same thing happened yesterday with the first picture in the bamboo construction post. When I click on the what should be the picture it comes back with file not found.

    It does sound like others can see them. Wish I could.


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