Bamboo Construction

Joe and I have thought about adding a ramada to our garden area. Every time we pass this second story construction going out-of-town we stop to take in the details that these workman have added to make this not just a porch but a real tropical retreat.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 001

The detail is exceptional. I am not sure if we can build this a full two stories just bamboo and have it strong enough but I am sure willing to check it out.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 001 (3) San Clemente 8.31.2013 001 (2)Just look at the detail work. I am so amazed at what you can do with bamboo.

EDIT TO ORIGINAL POST:Received this email from our friend Jackie Ross and wanted to share it with all of you:

Hi Nancy–just saw your blog re: bamboo.  Thought that I would let you know that we found out last Fri at lunch that the bamboo construction cost $30,000.   The workers and I all almost fell out of our chairs.  So before you decide that you want the same thing, just wanted to give you a heads up.  However, it is beautiful.  Everytime the workers and I drive past, we comment on it and think it is absolutely fabulous.  But after we heard the price tag decided it was definitely out of my budget.   Jackie   

and ours as well, thanks Jackie for the information, Nancy

21 thoughts on “Bamboo Construction

  1. I love the look of this place too. I have kept track of the construction with the building crew as they have worked. They are very proud of the job and, as you say, have added lots of extras like the trim around the concrete of the original concrete structure, the tar paper roofing, and built-in barbeque in the corner. True craftsmen!

    • Hi Deb, not sure what materials we will be using. Found out the cost for this addition was $30,000 that is way out of our budget for a ramada for sure. Nancy

  2. We took a picture of this construction! It is so beautiful, and the details are amazing! I agree…it is fascinating what can be done with bamboo. It would really fit into the whole feel of your yard too Nancy!

  3. Nan,

    The detail is extraordinary. However, I’m not sure what we’re looking at. Can you post pic’s of the entire structure? Are you thinking about building a two story structure in your yard.

    I have some questions for you about life in Ecuador can we email back and forth?

    • Laurette, something went wacky on a few of my posts with the pictures I used. I think I have corrected them both it was this one on the Bamboo Construction and the one on Sonia’s Ramada. All the photos should be in place now, if not let me know, Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy. Yo también vi esta construcción en el centro de San Clemente y me gustó mucho. Pero mi esposo y mi cuñado dijeron que esta caña guadúa (bamboo) la habían conseguido en Quito. Igual que tú, sueño algún día tener mi propia ramada. Un abrazo, Esthela

      • Sí, con pena, pero ya debía volver al trabajo. Fue a verla un martes en la mañana, mientra estuve en San Clemente, pero no la encontré, era porque ese día mi suegra (mother in law) y yo íbamos a preparar viche, y yo recordé que Ud. quería aprender. Luego por un post, me di cuenta que Ud. no estaba ese martes, porque había ido a Portoviejo de compras. Sorry, maybe in the next vacation you and I cook the delicious viche.

        • Hola Esthela, Siento mucho que te he echado de menos. Hubiera sido maravilloso para aprender a hacer la sopa. Desde nuestro regreso de Guayaquil he tenido problemas con mi presión arterial. Así que no he hecho gran cosa, ayer en los médicos y en la actualidad al cardiólogo en Portoviejo. Sentirse mejor, pero creo que voy a necesitar medicamentos presure de la sangre. Que estés bien, Nancy

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