Naranjilla in Bloom

The other day while watering my plants I took a good look at my naranjilla plant (gift given to me by Deborah Millard just a few months ago) and was very surprised to see it was in flower. It is so small I just did not feel it would start to bear fruit for years, much less in a handful of months.

San Clemente 9.5.2013 007 San Clemente 9.5.2013 006 San Clemente 9.5.2013 004From searching online it looks like even this little plant can have fruit.  Not sure if I should allow it to continue to fruit or get rid of the flowers so that the tree itself would strengthen, if anyone has any experience with naranjilla let me know what you think.

12 thoughts on “Naranjilla in Bloom

    • Hi Mary, I am going to put a note on the Ec Gardeners Facebook page and see what I get…I saw some very small trees on the internet that had fruit…but would hate to harm the tree just to get a few fruits…thanks for your help, Nancy

  1. Nothing to do with your plant, but have you had any problems with your sourdough starter? Mine went weird in the fridge … I didn’t refrigerate it immediately because I thought it might need time to work but it seems to have gone bad … some mould spots on the lid. Could you let me know how I should have been handling it to keep it working and happy? Thanks, Nan. Barbara … the Canuck who still has not mastered coconut oil!

    • Hi Barbara, after I took the cup of starter to make a loaf, I added back 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water and let it sit on my counter for a day. It bubbled and then I put it back in the refrig until I wanted to make another loaf. When I took it out it had a liquid they call hooch on the top, I just mixed it in and feed it for two days adding more flour and water and allowed it to sit on my is the third day and I am making a loaf, the starter smelled a bit fermented and bit yeasty but not stinky so I used it…now to replenish it by feeding it again, allow to bubble on the counter and then tomorrow put it back in the refrig…lets see what the bread looks and tastes like and then I will write you again. Depending upon the climate here today the dough may need to go into the refrig overnight and get baked tomorrow after the final rise….I will like you know…Now as soon as you perfect your Coconut Oil technique I want your secret…ha ha

        • Hi Barbara, I have a batch of breaddough rising as we speak, I will let you know if all goes well after I pop it in the oven later on this evening, Nancy

  2. HI Nancy
    Why don’t you pose the question to the Ecuador Expat Gardening Facebook forum. Elizabeth (Cambell) Drummond is a member (as you are) and I’ll bet she can answer that question for you. It might be good to message her on the forum and get her email address. She is an amazing source of botanical info in EC and she’s always willing to help.
    Rick DeVolld

    • Thanks Rick, I just sent Elizabeth a message and hope she can tell me what I should do. It looks too young to bear fruit but again I am not familiar with these tropical plants and trees and am just learning what works for them. Thanks for your help, Nancy

  3. Nancy, I have just let mine fruit – the fruit is smaller but still good – I have not pinched any flowers off at all and I continue to get flowers and fruit – although it is on the smaller size as they are still in pots but I did have a few start in the ground the right now their fruit is the same size as the ones in the pots – so I will have to wait and see if they get bigger and how the growing difference is betweenn in the ground and in a large pot – good luck with yours. Deb

    • Thanks Deb, first for the plant and now for your advise…I love the idea of more fruit…excellent for juice and if I could get my hands on some goat I would make Seco de Chivo…..excellent with this fruit added. Thanks again, N

  4. Nancy I stop in and visit your blog from time to time and see many similarities about living in Panama and what you post from your location. I wanted to share a thought with you but was unable to find a better spot to contact you.

    I understand that you lived in Dolega however you would not recognize the place now that the new 4 lane highway has replaces the 2 lane road that ran through the area. There is a new over head cross walk located near the bus stop out in front of the bus station. Things have really changed around here but what hasn’t changed it all the bickering and fussing coming from all those self proclaimed elites from Boquete who think that they are entitled.
    Anyway I live in Potrerillos in a rather large house I built just up from the gas station at the divide between Potrerillos Arriba and Abajo.

    What I wanted to share with you was the idea of having a dash cam in your car(s). I brought two from the states several years ago and sold one to Don Ray from Chiriqui Chatter and between the two of us we have probably been responsible for generating a ton of interest and now it seems like most all expats have them in their cars around here.

    I can tell you that this simple camera is a life saver in that it can provide a recording of an accident one may be involved I and provide valuable digital motion imagery of the event. There have been so many incidents where a gringo was involved in an accident and the Panamanian was automatically given the benefit of the doubt even when the local national was at fault.

    As you know driving on the roads in Panama and most likely in Ecuador as well is one of the most hazardous activities one can engage in. I have two cameras, one facing forward and one aimed to the rear so as to record all activities around my vehicle at all times while driving. In fact I have a small switch I installed so I can keep the cameras running when I am away from my car so I can record any suspicious activities around the vehicle.

    If this is something that you feel may be useful in you location you can find any number of cameras on line. I have a model with a small 2-inch built in monitor so I can see what the camera sees. I have saved countless recordings of fools (that’s code for ass holes) on the roads in Panama that would make you wonder what planet they are from.

    Just wanted to pass along this useful idea to make all of us expats safe.

    • Hi Greg, Thanks so much for following our blog. I knew that Don Ray had the camera in his car but had no idea that you were responsible for him having it. I think it is a great idea for all the expats to have. The one thing that we did after leaving the states back in 2006 was to decide not to purchase a car, we rely on public transportation and local private drivers. Because of the laws, our lack of Spanish skills and that we are gringos no matter how long we live here, it was a very sound decision. Most of our fellow expats do have cars and the idea of having the video record is a great idea. Thanks so much for the advise. Also, Joe just downloaded a video someone made while driving through Dolega, it really has changed a great deal…it was fun to see that the streets have street signs. We did not even have a street name when we lived there it was funny having a store make a delivery because they would tell us not to worry they would find us and they always did. I miss so many of the locals plus several expats that still live there. But we are happy being in this small town, living near the water. We do feel blessed. Thanks so much for sharing. Be well and keep in touch. Love to hear about our first adventure living in Dolega. Nancy

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