Morning Serenade

This morning while waiting on the young man who delivers our bread (who has not arrived at this point) I heard music in the distance. Camera at the ready I caught this group of young men drive past our house.

San Clemente is celebrating its annual fiesta this weekend, so this may be a part of those festivities.

12 thoughts on “Morning Serenade

  1. Thanks for the video. What time of day was this? I would enjoy a video of your part of town–although you may have already posted one. If so, I missed it.

    • Hi Pauline, thanks for following our posts and our little lives here in Ecuador. When you visit where do you stay? Thanks again, Nancy

    • John and Mary, becuase I have not been up to much of anything this past week, this is probably all I will see of the festival this year. Not a problem just happy that I am feeling better finally. Talk to you soon, I will be up to deliver your books next week, Thanks, Nancy

  2. Hi Nan, we have arrived, and hope we will meet you one of these days. I made bread with disasterous results yesterday … thought I was putting salt in the dough and discovered it was actually either salt petre or MSG … neither palatable! I have been looking for homemade good bread made with whole grain flour … any suggestions??? I used up all my whole wheat flour on the disaster … and can’t seem to find anything but white flour in San Clemente … so I will either be making white bread or buying my bread for a while … at least till the next foray into a city. Any help/suggestions would be welcome.

    Cheers, Barbara

    • Hola Barbara,
      welcome to San Clemente. I do not think you will find anything but white flour in the tiendas, there is one bakery across the street from the Virgin statue downtown that sells integral rolls, they may consider selling you some integral flour. I would suggest that bakery if you want whole wheat rolls…Enjoy your visit. Nancy

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