Nuestros Perros de la Calle

There are three dogs that protect the street we live on, The alpha dog Café is not as sociable as the other two. Beethoven and Baby Dog (my name for him as he has none that I know of) will sometimes come with me on my walks. That can be a good or bad thing depending upon the other dogs that are out and about.

This picture was taken from an empty lot near our home that overlooks the water. Joe and I bring our coffee many mornings and sit here just enjoying the water. This day the fishermen were dragging in their nets and two of our street dogs were very interested in the catch – or could it have been the birds?

San Clemente 10.31.2013 031They are working dogs and do an excellent job of informing all the neighborhood if something is not right. I did find that they do not like yellow taxis, have a true hatred for certain cars or maybe a driver who is driving too fast. Caution is necessary as they are not friendly. A friend from San Jacinto dropped by to visit one day while Baby Dog was sitting at our gate – Ken went to pet the dog and was snapped at. Thank goodness his reaction was fast or he would have gotten bit.  Because we have been feeding them for some time these two are very friendly towards both Joe and I. As soon as they realize it is us walking the street or disembarking the dreaded yellow taxi, they stop their barking and go about their business. It is good to be accepted!

36 thoughts on “Nuestros Perros de la Calle

    • Yes that is Beetoven, he looks to be part dalmation and is a beautiful loving dog. He seems to smile at me when he comes over to greet me in the morning and will take my hand in his mouth. At first I was startled by this but he is so gentle except when it comes to protecting his street. Thanks for continuing to read our blog, Nancy

    • Mary and John, thanks so much for all your hugs and support. Hope you are partying tonight…blessing for a wonderful 2014, Nancy and Joe

  1. So glad too see you posting again. Have missed you. We came to Ecuador in June,but only visited Quito, Cuenca , Guayaquil and the Galapagos. Enjoyed our stay. Hope you are feeling better. Jan in Mississippi

    • Jan, so happy you enjoyed you travels through Ecuador. Thanks for following the blog and especially for your kind comment, Happy New Year, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi John, I have been attempting to heal, a few medical issues popped up that turned into other issues and I have been getting myself together. Feeling good and ready to work on the blog and enjoy the life our Lord has graciously given Joe and I. We do spend a great deal of time drinking our coffee overlooking the water each morning as we can, with my problem sitting using the computer was too painful so I found the garden my refuge and have been babying everything we have growing there. Cooking is always a wonderful diversion and I will be putting many of my new recipes on the blog as I cook up a storm. Thanks so much for your kind words, I hope to give you some down to earth photos and comments on our daily life here. Happy New Year, Nancy and Joe

    • Nancy you sweet thing you, thanks for your warm welcome back to blogging. It is a fun pursuit and I hope a picture gives you a chuckle or a small line makes you think of us. Blessing for a wonderful, peaceful and joyful 2014. Give “Easy Rider” a big hug for us, I want to get one of those for myself not sure about red but maybe a nice white one. What do you thing? You two are always welcome to visit on your adventures around the coast….love, Nancy and Joe

  2. So good to see you back Nancy!!! I am glad to hear that you are still being watched over by your street dogs…they seem to have very good sense, for the most part -they didn’t mind us when we there 🙂

    • Hola Diane, thanks for your comment. I think our street dogs have a good insight on people in most cases…Happy New Year to you and Rob, Nancy & Joe

    • Hi Janet, So happy to hear from you. Are you getting snow up there? Hope you also have a wonderful New Year, blessings, Nancy

      PS Joe sends a big hug

  3. Hi Nancy,
    So nice to see that you are back. I hope you are feeling much better and that 2014 will be an even healthier and happier one for you and Joe. Keep on blogging and sharing. I do take a few minutes of my time to read and enjoy your posts during my hectic NYC life. Will be in Salinas in May. Thanks. Leon

    • Leon, thanks so much for your kind words. It has been many many years since Joe and I visited NYC. Joe still has a cousin living there in Brooklyn Heights. I am so happy our small town life is something you look forward reading about. Enjoy your stay in Salinas. A reader sent me this link with a live webcab set up on Salinas Beach we enjoyed watching the activity yesterday I hope you do as well ….

      Happy New Year, Nancy

  4. I am so glad to hear from you! I have really missed your post on life in Ecuador.

    I sure hope that all is well. Happy New Years from Arizona.

  5. As the song goes welcome back, welcome back, welcome back..welcome back. Happy New Year to you and Joe! Love and many hugs, Ana and Steve

  6. So glad to see you back! Hope that you have a wonderful and fulfilling New Year! Best Wishes Nancy and Joe- Mike and Karen

    • Hi Karen and Michael, thanks for the welcome back and good wishes for 2014. We hope you both will also find 2014 filled with happiness and health. Nancy & Joe

  7. so enjoy yout blog…your blog is the only one i ever read..i feel you have generously taken us with you on your marvelous adventure..was very concerned and glad to hear you are well… have been missed! You’ll be amused to hear you are now a common search on google.

    • Leah, your comment is very king, thanks so much for following our little blog about our little lives here in Ecuador. I honestly don’t know what a “common serach” means, if I put my name in google search my blog comes up??? Can you explain it to me. Tks, N

      • oh sorry..common search…when google auto completes your info because so many people are now reading you…well…I assume they are reading you, but searching for you at least…on google…you type in Nan_ and the rest pops up after just 3 letters that is as far as you get….that’s pretty cool. lots of fans and I don’t know what I like more, recepies or stories about the country or your latest remodel project, all very interesting! Keep up the awesome blog, you have a real gift.

        • Leah, I just assumed that because I search for my blog on my computer it knows what I search for and it anticipates what I want!!! I think it is kind of cool, who what have thought I would be writing about things that others would be interested in? Not me, that is for sure. I know I kind of like a hodge-podge of stuff, I have what they would call eclectic taste in most things. I do like baking and cooking, but also really enjoy my time in the garden, today may be gardening day…but I really need to make a decision on what I am serving for dinner as well…Nancy

          • no Nancy, it does remember what you searched for but this happens even computers that haven’t ever looked for your blog before….and eclectic is the thing that is making it interesting.

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