A Cotton Plant and the Ceibo Trees in San Clemente

While out walking I came across a cotton bush two streets over from our home. It does not look like the cotton plants that you see while driving through the southern states in the US but that is exactly what it is.  This plant was about 8 feet tall and covered with little puffs of cotton.

San Clemente 9.11.2013 021

San Clemente 9.11.2013 023Above is an unopened pod.

While out with Max visiting the finca I made him stop as I saw yet another cotton bush. He thought it was the stuff found in the ceibo trees. But actually it was both the cotton from a real cotton plant as well as the fluff found on a ceiba tree.

San Clemente 12.31a.2013 002On the left is the ceibo pot and on the right is a cotton boll.  According to Max in the old days the cotton from the ceibo tree was used to stuff mattresses.The ceibo tree is protected in Ecuador,

Love to see nature up close like this. Now where’s my spinning wheel?

23 thoughts on “A Cotton Plant and the Ceibo Trees in San Clemente

    • Deb, can you really see me spinning cotton…you are so funny…No I don’t see myself doing that but you would be amazed at just what I do do on a daily basis to live well…compared to living in the states, I am a regular pioneer woman!!!

    • John and Mary, It could be a diffent variety than we see in the states, all I know is that it is big and bushy instead of small like the fields back home in the south. N

  1. You have no idea how how much I am looking forward to walks in San Clemente … and to seeing with new eyes all there is to experience. Thank you for this post about the cotton trees and the ceibo bushes …

  2. Nancy, That is so interesting. I am amazed. I wonder if cotton is or was ever farmed here. It is so awesome, after being here for over 5 years, I still learn something new about Ecuador each day.

    • Nancy, I totally agree with you, I try to learn a new word in Spanish and always seem to see something that I had not seen before. Good thing to have my camera with me when out and about. Joe and I will be in Ecuador four years come March 17th, I can’t even imagine it has just flown by. Nancy

  3. Always enjoy your commentaries. Great to have you blogging again! Best wishes to you and Joe for a healthy, happy, prosperous new year.

    • Z, actually I looked back at the photos and I took the pictures of the cotton plant on September 11th, then I visited Max’s finca on October 31st and picked up the cotton bolls and the ceibo pods from his land. The fuzz was puffing out and rolling all over the ground, it looked a bit strange and made him stop the car so I could gather a few for my pictures. It has been very dry here and the pods have opened already. I have not walked by the cotton bush this past few weeks, tomorrow I will try to remember to walk by and see what it looks like now…N

  4. Nancy, we find the cotton pods from the ceibo tree everywhere. When they open, it’s like snow floating around in the sky. They used to stuff life preservers with the Ceibo cotton because it floats. I’ll bet the old life preservers on the ferry are still stuffed with Ceibo cotton. lol Beautiful pictures and comparisons.

  5. I’ve visited a large cotton finca (10,000 acres) in Guatemala years ago. The plants were 8 feet or so tall. There is no way the cotton can be harvested by machine. The farmer had his own crop dusting plane, a gin and an oil mill. He hired several thousands at harvest time.

    • OldTimer, I love hearing from all of you, these are things I would never know about unless folks like you were kind enough to share with us. Thanks a bunch for your comment, Nancy

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