When a great many people come to town for the holidays or vacation, the noise level is a bit of a problem. Our home is right on the street and our windows stay open all the time.  Mind you it is not a busy street normally but during this time of year many folks are in vacationing and the number of cars, trucks, and people walking by increases a great deal.  Joe found these little beauties at Fybeca Pharmacy in the SuperMaxi shopping center in Portoviejo.

San Clemente 1.2.2014 001If you are a light sleeper or have street dogs that just hate new cars on their street you may want to find these silicone ear plugs.  These are the children’s size because they did not have adult size. But they do the job and we get a good nights sleep using them. They did not block out all the fireworks but muffled it enough so that we were not awakened each time they were set off.

A good nights sleep is important to us old fogeys…

13 thoughts on “Soundproofing

    • Mary and John, honestly we use them every night, the dogs go crazy at least twice a night here and our windows are always open for the breeze so we hear every single sound from the street and our street dogs. They are well used at our home, Nancy

  1. Great solution! I am a light sleeper, so have been using earplugs for years to try and block out the world (and Rob’s snoring in earlier days- his CPAP machine now). I haven’t seen the silicone ones though! If you need replacements, let me know and we can bring some when we come next summer! Cheers! xo

    • Hi Diane, right now Joe bought a second box and we will look for them way before we need replacements. Thanks for the offer, I will let you know if we cannot find them next time we are in need. Nancy

  2. We live on a tiny private lake in the woods and I find summer and holiday times very stressful … my dog doesn’t handle all the new dogs that seem to arrive then well either … maybe we are all just old fogeys … I like you low tech solution!

    • Barbara, when we first moved to Salinas we lived on the 10th floor of a condo right on the malecon, the noise was unbelievable. Folks talking in a normal voice at the restaurants on the first floor of the building could be heard like they were sitting on our porch. We used white noice in a boom box every single night we lived there. Here using the ear plugs works better for us. Nancy

    • Lyndell, they work great. Joe feels the children’s size is a bit to small for him so he cut one in half and added to one and it kind of melted together to form one just the right size for Joe’s ears. They are silicone but honestly they mold like they are wax. Nancy

  3. Nancy, this is hysterical. Whatever works, right? In November when we were in the states, I got an email from a friend on Ometepe Island. She asked me if I had room in my suitcase for some earplugs. They own a small restaurant and hotel on the main street of noisy Moyogalpa. I said, “Sure.” I gave her my address and a few days later a huge box was delivered. She had ordered 1,000 pairs of earplugs for the guests. 1,000 pairs!!! They made good packing material, and they scrunched down in my duffel bag. 🙂 That has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever brought back to Nicaragua for a friend. jeje

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