Lasts Nights’ Invasion

While sitting quietly watching the first Star Trek movie, we saw a few winged ant type bugs cross the screen. We turned on the overhead lights to see an army of the stinkers on the outside of our screens trying to get in and a bunch already inside trying to get out.

Both Joe and I dislike the onset of the rain because of what comes with it. The ants, the crickets, the frogs – you name it – as soon as it starts to rain they make their way to the house. We are not talking a handful we are talking a pestilence like in the bible. We have had every crack, cranny, tiny opening stuffed with concrete, paste, tube calking you name it we have done it, but if the critter wants to get into the house, by God it is going to get into the house – and it does.

Last night Joe found the bug spray and sprayer, mixed up a big batch and sprayed the entire outside of the house. They were flying into my face, mouth and hair yuck, yuck, yuck. We turned off the lights and went to bed, nothing more you can do, the light attracts them so your best bet is to shut everything off. This morning I found a bunch of dead ones all around the house,

San Clemente 1.8.2014 006

15 thoughts on “Lasts Nights’ Invasion

    • Susan, we shut the lights off shortly after dark and went to bed and we had very few in the house and on the porch…We did have a few crickets and these were pretty big ones compared to last years…tonight we are doing the same thing, lights out early!!! Nancy

    • Oh Mary & John, I remember how bad they were by your house. We had just a few, but are making up for it with these flying ants,,,I just got a link from Lydell and they are flying ants not termites which is very good news. Lights out early tonight again, that seems to keep them out of the house. Nancy

    • William, I think the blue light may attract them but do you really want them attracted to your house? We are turning off the lights early to keep them outside, we do not even put our porch light on right now because it just attracts them to our porch. Then they find the tiniest crevice and get into the house…and then they fly at you, between the flying ants and the stinking crickets it’s just another fun night in paradise…ha ha ha So we do everything we can to make them go to another house that has lights on!!!

  1. Yep! In Bali, too! We had guests coming over, so I had the brilliant idea of turning the pool lights on…bad idea! Within minutes the entire surface of the pool was coated with dead flying ant thingies. Not fun!

    • They just go crazy with the light, we are keeping all lights off until they go away. I like your technical term “flying ant thingies” it makes me feel good about my lack of scientific knowledge knowing that others understand me!!! Joe said he found ant wings in the bathroom sink this morning, yuck… Why in the world do ants need wings, are they in a hurry to get somewhere? Next we will probably get the crickets, I just hope the scarab beetles don’t come this year, they are even more disgusting than the crickets…thanks for your comment, N

    • Hi Deb, we are starting it now. Our first rain was on Monday it started around 9pm and immediately the electricity went out and it continued to rain until around 9am and the electricity came back on several hours after that…Tuesday night all hell broke loose…I almost stepped on a toad who decided our storage closet was a nice place to live. I screamed so loud and Joe came running to rescue me from the nasty thing. The rain should last for the next 4 months…and all the critters will be visiting us during this time. Nancy

        • Hi Deb, I wish you luck with the house sitter, here if you have pets or other animals many of the locals are just to happy to take care of your home while you are out of town. For Joe and I we only need someone to water some of my more sensitive plants if we are gone more than a few days. See you in March, N

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