Roof Painting, Yes You Heard Me!

While living in South Florida we knew many retirees that owned and lived in mobile homes. Each year they had to paint the roofs which we were told helped reflect the sun and helped keep the inside cooler. Living in San Clemente we really have no need for a heater, most times you really don’t need an a/c unit, forget about a fireplace or hot water we only have suicide showers and our home does not have one pane of glass in any window. All we have are screens with wooden shutters for windows.

Our first hot season the house really heated up, as soon as the sun hit the dirty almost black roofing it turned into an oven. So we talked to our neighbor David (pronounced DA VEED) and had him pick up the supplies and hire a guy to help him clean, patch and paint our roof as well as adding an extension of roof panels to the porch area and while he was doing that we had him add a wooden beam so we could hang bamboo blinds to help even more to shade our porch area.

San Clemente 1.7.2014 011 San Clemente 1.7.2014 012 What a huge difference all of these improvements have made on the interior temperature of the house. At a minimum it is making a 10 degree difference.

We also purchased two exhaust fans that will be installed one in the kitchen/salon area and one in the master bedroom up near the ceiling to help remove any hot air trapped up near the ceilings.

10 thoughts on “Roof Painting, Yes You Heard Me!

    • Thanks John and Mary…it did make a big difference, now to get our a/c unit installed in our bedroom and we will be set. Nancy

    • Hi TJ, our apartment in Salinas had a central hot water heater but only for the showers. When we moved into here we made the decision to go with the suicide showers because our electric bills in Salinas were high and it was all due to that little hot water heater. We were told to turn if off and back on when we needed hot water but who can remember to do that every day so we just left it on…These are cheap to run, cheap to replace and the water in our cistern is never really cold so now during the hot season you really don’t need to use any electricity. It’s refreshing per Joe, I still like the water hot. be well, Nancy

  1. Yep, we painted our roof here too and it has helped a lot. We also have shade fabric on the west side of the house. I’m surprised that these cooling measures aren’t more common here since it keeps you more comfortable.

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