Cows Getting Some Beach Time

It is normally very peaceful in the mornings when Joe and I take our coffee down to the beach. We are waiting for our first dolphin sighting but they have eluded us so far. But we have seen cows taking a stroll on the beach up near the cliffs.

San Clemente 12.22.2013 051 San Clemente 12.22.2013 050 San Clemente 12.22.2013 048 San Clemente 12.22.2013 044

8 thoughts on “Cows Getting Some Beach Time

    • Bev, it is quite here, some can take the quiet, some can’t…Today I am making a big pot of Pho Bo, drying some red hot chili peppers in the oven and have to look at making some ricotta cheese from the raw milk I had delivered yesterday. Then I should get my sour dough out and feed it…also must water the plants and do some trimming out there…our lives are pretty full but again we made it full. Nancy

    • Roni, thanks so much, you all make my day when you say such kind things about our little blog. We are blessed by your kind words, made to feel special because of our little lives here, we are not special just two people trying to make a good life for ourselves in this world. I am welling up with tears at such lovely comments. Nancy

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